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The most important information about a team is its performance statistics. So it is worth to check the key performance indicators of

Performance statistics of

The number of victories in the last 10 matches: 7 (70%). played 9 matches over the last 3 months and won 6 matches - 67%.
Over the past year, played 39 matches and achieved victory in 25 matches - 65%.

The nearest game of is set at the championship Coming soon. The team Coming soon will be an opponent and the match will be hosted Coming soon.

The team played its previous match at the esports tournament The International 2022: Last Chance Qualifier on 12.10.2022. The team Team Liquid was an opponent in the match.

The team Team Liquid won that match with a score of 0:2.

Considering the statistics of victories in the last 5 matches - 3 victory(victories) (60%), we can say that are far from their maximal gaming shape.

Virtus.Pro is one of the most famous multigaming organization in CIS and the world. The tag VP appeared on the esports scene back in 2007. Since then, VP has grown from a small team to a large organization, the rosters of which have achieved victory at the highest-level championship many times. We present to your attention the history of tag VP in Dota.

The first appearance or the period of Defense of the Ancients

The first mention of the Dota roster of VP is dated back in 2007. The following players were playing on the first roster in the first Dota:

  •         NS
  •         ARS-ART
  •         Vigoss
  •         Admiration
  •         Jolie

These five won three tournaments in the MYM Prime Defending series in 2007. A year later, in 2008, VP held third place at MYM Prime Defending 2008, after which they disappeared from the esports scene. The return of the bears happened in 2012. The tag moved to the second Dota then.

The first appearance or the early Dota 2 years

VP moved to the second Dota in 2012. Then, the roster included:

  •         NS
  •         KuroKy
  •         Santa
  •         Azen
  •         Dread

The transition happened in May 2012 but Azen and Dread were replaced on blowyourbrain and Scandal in June. VP tried to make it to The International 2 with this roster but they placed only 5th-6h in the Western qualifiers.

Also, the roster took part in a row of small tournaments but the players were not able to achieve success there. NS and Santa stayed in the team at the end of June 2012 but KSi, Crazy, and illidan joined the roster in autumn.

2013 or the period of regular replacements

Santa left the team in March 2013, after which AST-ART returned to it. That year, VP received an invitation to The International 2013, however, the team finished its performance in the group with a score of 3-11, after which it lost in the first round of the lower bracket.

Illidan, Crazy, and KSi left the team due to this result, after which ARS-ART was kicked from the team. LighTofHeaveN, Goblak, G, and Resolut1on took the spots of four players.

But this roster existed only for two months, after which Goblak and Resolut1on left the team. ARS-ART returned to the team again in October 2013 and Solo made his debut on the roster. However, Solo did not play for long because he became inactive in November 2013, after which the team faced changes once again.

Replacements continued till the end of the year and the players simply changed their roles. The situation did not change a lot in 2014. VP tried to find its play, however, they were unsuccessful. In 2014, VP tried to make it to The International 2014 but they failed, having placed 18th-19th and missed the group stage of the tournament.


The situation started changing in 2015.


VP was preparing space for stand-ins in 2014. The roster of VP.Polar was formed in 2014, it moved to a regular basis in the organization in 2015.

The roster of the renewed VP included:

  •         Illidan
  •         God
  •         DkPhobos
  •         Lil
  •         fng

The team performed at TI 2015 with this roster where it managed to hold a 5th-6th place, having eliminated one of the favorites of the tournament, Team Secret, sensationally. This result has been the best one for the organization for many years.

However, the team had a decline again after such a successful performance at The International. After the failure in the qualifiers for The International 2016, the team waited for another reshuffle. The management of VP decided to build the roster around Solo in August 2016.

The rebirth of the CIS region

The CIS region faced not the best times at the moment of the creation of the new VP roster. Teams were not able to compete equally with the teams from other regions, so VP decided to take the lead in CIS.

The first new roster was revealed in September 2016. It included:

  •         Solo
  •         No(o)ne
  •         9pasha
  •         RAMZES666
  •         Lil

The updated roster made a statement quickly, having prevailed at BTS Europe #4 and also qualified for a row of big tournaments, including The Boston Major 2016, Dota Pit League Season 5, and ESL One Genting 2017.

The team held a 5th-8th place at the first Major tournament, the club finished 3rd-4th at ESL One Genting 2017, and VP placed 5th-6th at Dota Pit League Season 5

Mediocre results did not stop the team from winning the qualifiers for The Kiev Major 2017, after which VP presented one of the best tournaments in the history of the competitive Dota to its fans. At the Kiev Major, the team finished second. However, they had the main test ahead – The International 2017, to which the team advanced with the help of a direct invitation.

In August 2017, the team started its performance at TI 2017. The team demonstrated nice results and finished placing 5th-6th, having lost to the future champions from Team Liquid in the epic battle. However, VP’s ambitions were higher, so the team replaced Lil on RodjER in February 2018.

The domination of VP

After the replacement of the fourth-position player, VP started playing with renewed vigor. The team won ESL One Katowice 2018 almost right after the transfer, with which VP’s march began.

The roster headed by Solo achieved victory at The Bucharest Major in March and prevailed at ESL One Birmingham 2018 two months later. In June, the team held second place at China Dota2 Supermajor in June and made it to The International 2018 without problems. VP placed 5th-6th again at the tournament, being unable to beat the organization’s record.

However, there were no roster changes. The team won The Kuala Lumpur Major in November 2018, after which the slow dawn of VP began.

The beginning of the dawn

The obvious decline started after the performance in Kuala Lumpur, compared to last year’s performances. The team started participating in small tournaments, however, it still continued fighting at Major championships too. VP managed to place 2nd at The Chongqing Major and DreamLeague Season 11, and also 7th-8th at MDL Disneyland Paris Major and 3rd at EPICENTER Major 2019.

The roster managed to proceed to TI 2019 by a direct invitation, however, VP held a 9th-12th place at the tournament. After the failure at TI, the team had another set of reshuffles.

9pasha left the team in September and RAMZES666 also left it later. Their places were taken by Resolut1on and epileptick1d and RodjER was later replaced by Save-.

However, the new players did not last on the roster for long. In February, VP hunted Zayac from NaVi, epileptick1d and Save- moved to the youth roster of VP, which was called VP.Prodigy.

iLTW who completed the roster took epileptick1d’s spot. However, it made no effect on the results. The roster did not play well. All players were moved to the inactive state in September 2020.

The new beginning

In November, VP repeated the trick they had used in 2015: VP.Prodigy officially became the main Dota 2 roster. The renewed roster of VP included:

  •         epileptick1d
  •         gpk
  •         DM
  •         Save-
  •         Illias

Solo and No(o)ne left the organization after 4 years of playing for this tag. They united with Zayac and RAMZES666 to create a new team.

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