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Awien left Digital Chaos
SIMSYOFDOOM will play as a stand-in.
The new details of GLL Season 1 emerged
16 maps will be played in the final.
Rumor. PSG will become LGD’s partner
LGD Gaming will help the famous football club.
Results of GLL Wingman Series II
Lord Matus2018-04-16T09:25:00.000Z
The PUBG championship taking place in DUO FPP mode has recently ended up.
The third season of GLL Wingman Series announced
The prize pool is $10,000.
The results of StreamMe NA PUBG Invitational
Lord Matus2018-04-14T08:55:00.000Z
The PUBG championship finished in North America yesterday.
The list of talents of DreamHack PUBG Showdown was announced
Lord Matus
DreamHack has announced the new details about the championship on its website.
AVANGAR signed DieZzz
Lord Matus
Now, 4 persons are on a PUBG roster.
PENTA Sports signed a PUBG roster
Lord Matus
Today, the representatives of the German esports organization have announced that had acquired a PUBG squad.
PUBG PC Update #11
Lord Matus
The developers of PUBG wrote a statement to players, in which they told about innovations that had been added to the test servers.
ENINOEL left Vega Squadron
Lord Matus
Today representatives of the eSports organization reported about that on their website.