Terms of use

This agreement defines egamersworld.com website terms of use. A user of stated website is bounded by the below-mentioned terms. Usage of website content includes: visiting, browsing, reading website materials, contributing images, articles or comments, accessing website via different devices (including mobile search, etc). Therefore, a person who performs any of these actions is called a user by the terms of agreement.


Egamersworld does not operate gambling games or gambling services. Website does not encourage users to participate into any gambling activity or get involved into real money gambling. Website provides only informational materials concerning different types of gaming entertainments including e-sports betting, sports gambling, e-sports basics, etc. Our field of responsibility is strictly limited by providing information with no real options to gamble.

We provide all-inclusive information concerning betting principles in different kinds of games. We do not account of any movements that users perform afterwards. If a user plays for real money or chooses any other form of betting, he is solely responsible for any consequences, including law violations on gambling according to the local laws. User keeps accounted for any money loses or other kind of loses during real money game.

Additionally, any links, banners or outer advertisement are out of our responsibility. If you are not sure that a link leads to the protected source, please do not click it. You are solely responsible for visiting any sources presented at website.

Keep in mind: gambling activity for real money results in money loss. Any time you play for money, be ready to lose. Egamersworld carries no responsibility for any losses or unsuccessful gambling at other sources, including those which have referral links or other sources of advertisements.

Egamersworld provides trustful information, though we do not account if information conflicts with a current state of matter. Any user can contribute recommendations, articles, images and his/her experience to make our guides complete.

If some information does not correspond to the current situation, some information is ambiguous or it is untruthful, or some details are missing, please give us a feedback so we can fix the content.

Users who suffer from gambling addition are recommended to visit page with Responsible Gambling materials.


Any information (meaning all types of content) presented at egamersworld.com belong to the owner only. Portal egamersworld.com is guided by international copyright, patenting and trademarking laws, so a user is biased by these laws and regulation.

All the materials presented at this portal which include articles, reviews, pictures, podcasts, videos, guidelines, etc. (the materials are not limited by this list) are for non-commercial usage exclusively. Besides, usage of provided information is also limited by the following operations:

If a portal user breaks any rules, regulations or recommended restrictions, egamersworld.com recalls license of the account and account is blocked. To renew license or unblock the account, stolen materials must be deleted from sites where they were posted, any tacking systems destroyed, and any stolen script should be diminished.Otherwise, egamersworld.com bans your IP address permanently.


Egamersworld.com is totally responsible for the content. Content includes not only the materials posted by website owners or authors, but also content posted by website users (any commentaries, posts, etc.). These materials include textual and visual materials.

Besides, egamersworld.com is accounted for any information provided at a user’s profile. Therefore, if you place any content that does not fall under the terms of eGamersWorld, this content, as well as your profile, may be deleted without your notification.

Also, website can block any account, information or piece of content without additional notifications.

Egamersworld.com monitors and controls all content at the website. Please be careful with subjects and information you place at our portal. The following content will be blocked or deleted:

  1. obscene lexicon
  2. politics
  3. religion
  4. different kinds of abusive content
  5. vulgar lexicon

Providing of private information

Please be attentive with personal information you place at the website. Avoid putting your personal data, providing your data to third person, etc.

Personal data include, and are not limited by your address, phone number, any other contact information, ID, social security, any personal images, texts, and other types of content.

Content details

We do not allow to place information which is not connected with our main issues. Please avoid placing any irrelevant information in commentaries and your personal profile.

All advertisements (post, commentaries, links, etc.) should be previously agreed with Egamersworld website representatives.

Any links which lead to the websites with Trojans, viruses, and other destructive features, will be deleted from our website immediately. If you notice link or ad with malware content, please contact website administrators.

Reposts and automatic message postings are prohibited. They will be deleted, and author’s account will be blocked.

To protect private information of our users, we delete all accounts that impersonate other people.

We do not provide content, which breaks laws, regulations, or restrictions. Content, which violates laws (including commentaries of users, user profiles, etc), will be immediately deleted from website.

Offensive content, or content which makes other users leave website, will be blocked

For users information

If your account has been banned, please contact website administrator. You shall not create new account until administrator gives his permission.
Multiple accounts are prohibited by website rules. Multiple accounts are prohibited.
Using proxies is prohibited.


We eager to post only high-quality content, though we do not argue that some mistakes in content may occur. These mistakes may relate to typography, spelling, media content, technical materials, or some other fields. Moreover, we do not insist that egamersworld.com shares only current news, and current informational posts. The information changes all the time, and we update content as our resources permit. We struggle to make information accurate, though there may be some drawbacks concerning accuracy of the posts and news.

The materials are changed without additional notifications.

Referral links

Please notice: except for the links for eGamersWorld website we also have links which refer other websites and forums. We aren’t responsible for the content provided at those websites. We do not commit that information presented at referral sites is accurate or trustful. Before you use the materials from linked sites, please get acquainted with privacy policy and their regulations. Egamersworld.com carries no responsibility for the viruses, Trojans, or malware presented at those websites.

Terms of Use of egamersworld.com is regulated by Malta laws. In case of any unpredictable situation or conflict, please refer Malta constitution, rules, and regulations.