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PGL Major Krakow 2017
Immortals will win

Today, an interesting match between BIG, a new member of professional Major-arena, and Immortals, a pro team, is going to be played. BIG demonstrated great results in the group stage of PGL Major Krakow and became the best team taking the first place in tournament table with 3-0 statistics. Immortals in their turn took 7th position in the table with 3-2 score.
There are no doubts in a great condition of BIG. In all winning matches they defeated such teams as FaZe Clan, Cloud9 and SK Gaming. European mix FaZe was defeated by BIG with 16:8 score, Cloud9 lost the match against the team with 16:11 score, and SK Gaming with 16:14.
Immortals, in their turn, defeated Vega Squadron with 16:6 score, Natus Vincere with 16:10 score and FlipSid3 Tactics with the same score. The Brazilian team was beat by Astralis with 19:17 score and SK Gaming with 16:9.
Currently, BIG look better than Immortals, but we should not forget that European team has no experience in playing on such big arenas. Because of that, the team may be under a moral pressure which will prevent them from showing the best game, while Immortals will feel more confident. Also, we should not forget that the group stage not always shows the real condition of the teams.
I think that BIG demonstrated great performance during PGL Major Krakow 2017, but they will hardly go further than quarter final, as Immortals is more experienced team. Besides, during a day-off the Brazilian team could analyze and fix the mistakes.
In this situation, the results of the match can be rather unexpected, but taking into consideration all the circumstances, I think that it will be better to bet on Immortals.

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PGL Major Krakow 2017
SK Gaming will win

All matches are interesting in the list of matches today but the battle between SK Gaming and Astralis cannot be missed. This match is as classic in the world of eSports as the match between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in the football world.
Obviously, SK Gaming has more chances to win in the upcoming matchup. The Brazilians are at the peak of their shape at the moment. This means that besides high-grade personal skills of each SK Gaming player, the team has a row of prepared strategies, which says about the full readiness for the match against the Danes. Remembering the previous match between SK and Astralis, which was hosted at PGL Major Krakow, it is worth to notice that the Brazilians won with a huge lead. They finished the game with a score 16:8 and three of five players had a positive statistic. coldzera can be marked in a special way, he has a 25+ statistic and the rate in 2.08 points, according to It is, also, worth to consider that all players of Astralis had a negative statistic.
As for Astralis, they were participating with the similar performance as SK did during the whole Major tournament. However, the Brazilians showed themselves in a better way in the last matchup between two teams. What is more, Astralis can be morally depressed due to the last match against SK.
I insistently recommend to bet on SK Gaming as their ambition to win is undoubted. SK achieved five victories at large tournaments over the last three months and are not going to give away the championship at PGL Major Krakow so easy.