Esports Betting Tips & Analytics

Predictions history

The new type of competition started developing actively over the past 10 years, namely, esports. Esports is recognized to be an official sport in many countries, which confirms the seriousness of this direction. Many big companies are ready to invest big money in its development and organize sponsorship for teams and tournament operators. Every day, new esports teams emerge, which participate in international competitions with big prize pools.

Despite the recent start, esports is developing at a high speed. The main tournaments take place live at the largest arenas on the planet, dozens of thousands of fans gather on stands, and millions of viewers from different continents support their favorite teams and players. All this festivity is followed by entertaining events and programs. Famous stars and popular hosts become stage and desk hosts, such an atmosphere is hard to forget after a visit.

There streaming platforms to watch live broadcasts, on which live streams are hosted in different languages. Experienced esportsmen with a trained voice and a good sense of humor work as hosts. The broadcast quality is very high, shooting is made with the help of professional equipment in the well-prepared studios.

Predictions on esports disciplines and e-leagues

Like any other competition, which includes big money, bookmakers become interested in esports immediately. They began developing betting systems for different disciplines, tournaments, and esports leagues. It was pretty hard work because every game’s conditions and features are complicated and individual. After making betting lines and conditions, they have started taking applications from people.

It should be understood that the main audience of esports is very young but older people also follow it now. They are not too strong in this kind of betting because you will need a lot of time to learn a game. So more experienced people began making predictions on esports events. They allow newcomers in the betting sphere to understand easier how esports bets are made to have the highest chance to succeed. But experienced fans also have what to take from it.

Esports predictions are usually made by people with rich experience, they make a brief description of an event and a state of teams by the moment of the game. Analysis requires a lot of time and knowledge, a few days and a lot of efforts of the whole special team are spent to create it. In simple terms, a betting prediction is general information about the state of teams at the moment where the state of players, their strong and weak sides are described. These aspects are considered in the team’s chance to win a competition.

Methods of creating a prediction and information gathering

The analysis of a big amount of information about the performance statistics of teams underlines the creation of any prediction, it determines the chance of one or another team to prevail. Besides, there is constant monitoring of matches by teams at various competitions and training sessions. You can follow a team’s playstyle and strong sides by watching broadcasts. The next step will be an analysis of the health and mental conditions of players, after that, an esports prediction is made based on the received information.

The current meta of the game and its patch is an important part of this sphere. Meta is the current state of the game, the power of one of another heroes and weapons, which is determined by the developer’s program code. Developers sometimes make changes to a game adding new features in the game mechanics to increase the level of interest among the public and players. It is pretty important because if players play a hero who is initially strong in a particular patch well, their chances to win will increase. It is worth noticing that a patch can boost not just heroes but even items and other game mechanics.

Players of esports teams often go to tournaments all around the world. They move thousands of kilometers and live in different climates. So their state can be influenced by acclimatization after the change of time zones and weather conditions. So a place of residence and a venue should be considered while making an esports prediction

There is one more interesting aspect of championships hosted in Japan. Their computer technologies allow them to reduce ping in the game to zeroes. And it is difficult for players from other countries to get used to this small factor. So if a team comes one day before the competition, they will not be able to adapt and their efficiency is compromised.

Summing up

In this article, we have compiled the most actual information about esports predictions. Considering the presented facts, you should understand that you can’t rely only on luck in this type of betting or you will face a lot of lost wagers. It will be a bad decision to get into this without preparation. Lots of different websites and companies, which offer betting predictions today, can be found on the global network. With it, you will receive not just a higher chance to win but the invaluable experience, which will allow you to make an analysis of matches by yourself and choose stronger teams. What is more, you will save lots of nerves and time, having received a completed material, which is nice to read to understand without other thoughts.