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CS:GO is actually a continuation of the legendary CS 1.6, which began to gain popularity among ordinary players at the beginning of the 2000s. Over the years, the esports industry was born, and that's when the first tournaments began to appear.

In 2012, CS:GO was born, and it was this game that became the eSports successor of the legendary ancestor. Over the course of the first few years, Valve and third-party tournament operators made a huge effort to popularize the game and turn it into a full-fledged esports discipline.

As time passes, we can say with confidence that a cult discipline has emerged from CS:GO, which after so many years continues to break records in terms of attendance and peak values on broadcasts. Today, CS:GO matches gather hundreds of thousands of spectators, while majors, the main tournaments in the discipline, are watched by millions of people.

Thus, in a little over ten years of CS:GO existence, developers and organizers have managed to create a unique ecosystem that functions on its own and gives professional teams a lot of opportunities to show their strength.

CS:GO match rules

The basis of any tournament are matches in which teams fight and reveal the strongest. Like in other eSports disciplines, CS:GO matches have their own rules and specifics.

Any professional match begins with the map selection stage, when each team crosses out unwanted cards and also picks the desired cards. Depending on the format, each team will choose one or two maps, or by mutual exclusion, the participants will determine one single location for the match.

Inside the match itself, the usual rules apply, which are typical for matchmaking in the game itself:

However, a clear difference between professional matches and matchmaking is the presence of overtime. If the teams have not managed to determine the winner after 30 rounds, they have to play overtime.

The essence of the additional rounds is as follows - the teams are offered an infinite number of series, each of which consists of six separate rounds (three for each side). The condition for victory in overtime is the absolute majority of rounds won.

CS:GO match formats

Currently, there are four formats that are used for matches on the professional stage:

The main difference between the formats is how many cards will be played in a series (match). In the case of BO1, teams only play on one map. The BO3 format involves the choice of cards in a game of up to two wins. In turn, the BO5 format used in the grand finals of large tournaments sets a condition for winning on three maps.

Key statistics of individual CS:GO matches and how they can be useful

Among the main statistical indicators of CS:GO matches, the following values should be highlighted:

Speaking about team statistics, you should also pay attention to the following parameters:

First of all, statistics serve as a starting element for analyzing a CS:GO match. With its help, viewers can evaluate the probability of winning a particular team in order to place a bet in the future.

Secondly, the statistics offer a brief, but at the same time an objective breakdown of the current conditions of the teams. For example, the performance of recent matches clearly reflects the form of the team.

Thus, match statistics help to conduct an initial analysis and evaluate teams before the start of the match.

Where can I watch live matches whit score?

When it comes to big tournaments, many people want to follow the matches in real time. On our website, you can follow CS:GO live matches soon. We offer a large number of professional fights and tournaments that anyone can follow in real time.

In addition, we have live streams in all available languages, so everyone will find a match and stream to suit their expectations.

Predictions for CS:GO matches

Also on our site there is a section with forecasts, where everyone can get acquainted with the opinion of analysts on upcoming matches. We try to cover all major championships and do not miss important meetings, and we also promptly respond to all additions to the schedule of CS:GO live matches.

Moreover, anyone can try himself as an analyst and make his own prediction for the selected match. Having started your way as a forecaster, you can enter the race for prizes along with our contest.

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In addition, here you can find the current schedule and results of the latest CS:GO matches. We follow all the tournaments taking place on the competitive scene, from BLAST to the ESEA Cach Cup series.

Thus, everyone can find a match to their liking, get acquainted with the schedule of future meetings and find out the latest results of the selected championship. We follow all the events and update all relevant sections in order to cover all competitions as fully as possible.