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Rumor. PSG will become LGD’s partner
LGD Gaming will help the famous football club.
The official news about the changes in Hero League
Finally, Blizzard has started working on Hero League since a lot of time of ignoring players’ complaints. The list of all changes that will be added soon is below.
The player of Tricked Esports was fined
Martin "Crozzby" Rugh, who is a player of Tricked Esports, was fined $500 in Heroes of the Storm Global Championship (HGC) for a violation of speech rules.
Finally, Blizzard responded to the community’s outrage about Hero League
The situation in Hero League was becoming worse and worse all the time during the last year
The details of Intercontinental Clash
The Heroes of the Storm Global Circuit returns to Latin America in May this year, with the coming of new competitive teams from Oceania and Latin America.
Mid-Season Brawl returns to DreamHack Summer
Fnatic achieved victory against Dignitas on their own territory at Mid-Season Brawl last year. The final series lasted until the late night. Mid-Season Brawl again returns to Sweden at DreamHack Summer with the prize pool in the sum of $250,000.
 The final of Heroes Global Championship will take place at BlizzCon again
Last year, MVP Black beat Fnatic in front of thousands of excited fans in the final of HGC.
The details of HGC Horizon Clash
The changes in the format of HGC for 2018 gave a chance to the teams from Taiwan and Southeast Asia.
Blizzard at PAX East
The team of Heroes of the Storm will reveal some new amazing things to fans at PAX East but you will be able to see them from your home on the Twitch channel of the exhibition!
The review of the matches of Heroes Global Championship that were played on March 30
We present you the results of the matches of HGC that took place on Friday, March 30.
The results of WESG 2017
We have gathered an information about all winners of WESG 2017 in Dota 2, CS:GO, StarCraft II and Hearthstone in one material.