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League of Legends is a MOBA game developed by the studio Riot Games in 2009. Since its worldwide release, Riot Games’ creation has attracted thousands of gamers from all over the world and reached the top of popularity.

League of Legends has evolved as an esports discipline since its launch: teams formed, and tournaments and leagues were hosted. At the beginning of LoL’s road to the Olympus of competitive games, all activities were chaotic and more looked like fan meets but League of Legends got a more serious shape in 2011.

The first large professional LoL tournament was Riot Season 1 Championship, which gathered representatives of different regions of the competitive League in one place. With time, Riot revealed the system of regional leagues with franchise features, which brought a new wave of development to League of Legends.

The rules of League of Legends matches

The LoL esports core is LoL matches. Like in any other MOBA game, they have a particular number of basic rules.

The selection of champions is not tied with the player roles in League of Legends or the players’ order in the in-game lobby. Players frequently choose the necessary heroes during the initial stage and then swap with teammates.

Who wins in League of Legends matches?

A victory can be achieved in League of Legends in two ways: destroying the enemy Nexus (the main building at the enemy’s base) or making opponents give up. The second option is not used in the professional League of Legends scene.

What are the match formats in League of Legends?

The main League of Legends match format, which is used while playing through the LoL client, is a match to one victory (bo1). In the professional stage, bo1 matches are also used but they are not that popular.

Bo1 matches are frequently played in the initial stages of regular leagues. For example, the first stage of LEC Winter 2023 was held in a bo1 format and also this format is used in the Play-In stage of the tournaments in the Worlds series.

A match to two victories, the so-called bo3, is a more widespread format in competitive LoL. Such matches are hosted in regional leagues: LCK, LPL, and others.

Another popular League of Legends match format is a match to 3 victories or bo5. Such matches can be seen in all late stages of large tournaments and regional leagues.

The key indicators of LoL match statistics and how it can be useful

League of Legends is a flexible discipline with many parameters. There are several important indicators of match statistics in the game, which can be useful for making betting tips, betting on esports events in League of Legends, or boosting the rating in matchmaking.

Taking betting on League of Legends matches as an example, we can notice the key parameter in matches. It is the shape of a team.

This aspect includes the main information about teams that play against each other: a roster, champion preferences, performance at a concrete tournament, the overall performance, and live score. We recommend learning each parameter separately:

Analyzing these combined parameters, you can improve the statistics of your betting on LoL matches.

Where can you watch LoL matches with live scores?

The perfect option for watching competitive League of Legends is official Riot Games broadcasts. If your objective is to watch a match to analyze teams, we recommend doing this with a live score. The EGamersWorld portal can be used for this purpose.

The resource provides broadcasts of different-level matches with a live score. Matches of regional LPL, LCK, LEC, and LCS leagues, and tournaments in the MSI and Worlds series.

To watch LoL matches with the live score, we have added the function to choose players and a comfortable language of broadcasts. There are 12 of them available now. Besides watching, you can use detailed analytics and LoL betting tips.

The schedule and match results

The EGamersWorld portal follows the events in central competitive leagues and monitors not just matches with a live score. The resource has the schedule of all matches in the main regions: LPL, LCK, LCS, LEC, and others.

We provide the schedule and match results of the tournaments in the Mid-Season Invitational and Worlds series. We follow the development of League of Legends in the academy leagues LCK Challengers, and third-party leagues supported by Riot LFL, LVP, and others.

League of Legends betting tips

On the EGW portal, we collect data on League of Legends matches and structure them in the form of betting tips and analytics regarding future events. In the betting tips section, you can find the opinions of editors about upcoming matches.

In addition, all authorized users of the website can share their thoughts. To do this, you just need to go through the standard registration procedure, verify your account and leave a betting tip for the match you are interested in.