Heroes Of The Storm News & Updates

Team Dignitas has got the triumph at 2017 Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Western Clash
The winners of the competition have become guys from Team Dignitas, who have won Fnatic with 3:2 score in the final.
Journey to Un'Goro - Adapt Mechanic
That's right! Our next adventure will be a Journey into Un'Goro, and introduced the keyword Adapt, as well as some other exciting mechanics!
New Heroes of the Storm update for balances released
Heroes of the Storm balances update
Fnatic will cooperate with FC «Roma»
Fnatic announced on their official webpage that they are going to cooperate with Italian FC Roma.
World of Warcraft now offers Money for other Blizzard titles in Exchange for In-game Currency.
Yep, they finally did it - World of Warcraft gold can now be exchanged for money in Hearthstone, Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm.
Rocket League developers invested $2,500,000 in the development of esports
On the official page of Rocket League game, the developers of the game published information about what they prepared for Rocket League players in 2017.