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Mag left Effect
It is unknown where the cyber-sportsman will continue his career.
Denmark and Germany lost one slot each in WESG 2017 EU Finals
Lord Matus2017-10-19T18:50:27.283Z
It has been said on the official website of the tournament WESG 2017 that organizers had redistributed invites to the interregional LAN final.
HappyFeet misses ESL One Hamburg 2017
One more team got stuck in visa issues.
Mineski pulled out from Dota PIT League Season 6
The Malaysian team Mineski has informed that will miss Dota PIT League this year.
ESL hosts a Minor in Genting
A prize pool of the event amounts $400,000.
Akke assembled a roster to compete in WESG 2017
One of The Alliance inactive players, Joakim «Akke» Akterhall informed on Twitter that he had assembled a roster to take part in WESG.