Dota 2 News & Updates

Vega Squadron announced updated Dota 2 roster
Lord Matus2017-12-15T15:07:07.982Z
The representatives of Vega Squadron announced that on December 18 an updated Dota 2 roster.
QQQ continues playing for LGD Gaming
Victoria is temporarily excluded from the main roster.
Team Canada Dota 2 roster for WESG is completed
Lord Matus2017-12-13T13:40:02.218Z
The information appeared on Reddit that Team Canada completed a roster for Canadian qualifiers to WESG 2017.
HellRaisers parted ways with the Dota 2 roster
The organization was not satisfied with the team’s results.
The results of ESL One Genting 2018 open qualifiers
This night, the open qualifiers in Europe and CIS ended.
Groups of DOTA Summit 8 are known
OG and Virtus.Pro will struggle to get the playoffs from the group A.