VALORANT Betting Tips & analytics

Predictions history

In just a few years, VALORANT has become a full-fledged eSports discipline, with all that it entails. Today, an isolated ecosystem has emerged that includes several professional levels. A strong fan base has formed around all of this, keeping a fierce eye on the matches of their favourite teams.

At the same time as the discipline has developed, the VALORANT betting industry has flourished. With each season, bookmakers offer more and more opportunities for fans wishing to bet and bet on one of the teams.

However, one cannot just pick and choose the right one, as any preparation for a match entails a thorough analysis of the participants and studying their strengths/weaknesses. Therefore, analysis and prediction are essential elements of successful betting on VALORANT matches.

Fundamentals of VALORANT predictions

First of all, you need to know the specifics of the championship being played. The final rounds of a group stage, for instance, are crucial for some teams, while the other team has already made up its mind to make the play-offs. In that case, secondary factors like motivation and attitude should be taken into account.

Second, possible roster changes must be taken into account beforehand. Forced substitutions, especially in the post-pandemic era of Coronavirus, have become a common phenomenon in cyber sports. Moreover, online matches carry a high risk due to the presence of additional factors preventing players from appearing on the server. Therefore, the prediction is also based on the option that the leaderboard may miss a match at any time. To level out the lack of information, you need to follow the official sources carefully before the meeting.

Thirdly, any prediction is based on studying the statistical parameters:

So, predicting the results of matches is a rather complex process that links several factors, including analysis and examination of statistical data.

Popular VALORANT match betting

There isn't perhaps as much coverage on VALORANT matches as there is bookmakers. However, here too, it is worth highlighting a number of popular areas for betting:

Given the level of the tournament, bookmakers may offer an even bigger spread, extending their offer to individual elements of the gameplay.

How to use eSports predictions to bet on VALORANT

Today's eSports field is not only characterized by the number of professional Valorant tournaments and matches, but also by predictions that offer a significant reduction in time spent searching for information and analysis.

Using eSports Forecasts for VALORANT betting is first and foremost a source of information. The analytics provided in such materials are necessary for reflection and to draw their own conclusions.

In other words, the reader makes the final decision, agreeing or disagreeing with the author's conclusions. As a result, the forecasts are just a representation of one opinion based on statistics and the author's own thoughts.

Where to find forecasts and analysis at VALORANT

At our portal, you can find predictions and analyses for all major VALORANT matches. Using statistics and information from public sources, experts share their opinion on the encounters and offer one way to bet.

By aggregating the data as a whole, the analysts prepare free predictions every day, which you can read and make your own choices.

Where to find stats for VALORANT predictions

We also offer up-to-date statistics on all teams on the VALORANT competition scene. We have a large database of all players and teams from the VALORANT Challengers affiliate leagues and regional tournaments.

With the statistics, anyone can make their own predictions for any match they like.

This way, we offer a wide variety of information for analysing and making your VALORANT predictions. Given the possibilities, anyone can share their thoughts about the match and leave their predictions about any future match.