Making esports bets

The beginning of the third millennium gave a start to a new type of competition for computer game players. Esports has quickly become popular, lots of new teams and clubs with far-reaching infrastructure have appeared and the spectatorship of tournament has attracted millions of viewers. Obviously, esports has caught interest of big businesses, sponsors and bookmakers. The latter have set up esports betting lines.

The most popular games in esports and betting are DOTA 2, CS:GO, League of Legends (LoL), FiFA, Rainbow 6, Valorant. Nowadays official sites of bookmaking companies that accept esports bets can offer a broad choice of esports matches.

Esports Betting – Most Popular Bookies 

When it comes to betting, a future better will have to opt for a reliable bookmaker. Here you will have to learn more about the following points:

Online Reviews About Bookmakers

This topic should be covered in details. Online reviews about any company are a double-edged sword. In fact, honest reviews help bettors choose a bookie objectively. However, lots of reviews about bookmakers (even on independent sites) can be bogus.

Due to high competition, loads of bookmakers indulge themselves in banal inflation of positive reviews for themselves and negative ones for their competitors. The following points must be found suspicious:

Truthful reviews about the company have some distinctions:

Bookmaking Companies Sites for Online Esports Betting With Real Money

Now it is time to make a recommendation of some particular companies where you can place esports bets today with a minimal risk of losing your wins. The recommendations will depend on location as geographical coverage of various bookmakers is very diverse.

Western Europe

The leaders of esports and sports betting in Western Europe are:

Eastern Europe

The most popular bookmakers in Eastern European countries are:

Russian Federation and Countries of Eurasian Customs Union

The licensed bookmakers where you can make esports bets with real money in RF include:

Central and South America

There we can recommend the following companies:


Citizens of Asian countries are advised to take a look at:

In our section Bookmakers you can find the list of all esports bookies and links to official sites of the companies.

Kinds of Esports Bets in Popular Disciplines CS:GO and DOTA 2

Now it makes sense to examine the main types of bets for popular disciplines that include CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL:

You can learn more about types of bets and betting strategies in esports in our blog.

Use of Tips for Esports Bets

Another way to get profit for esports bets is to use tips. There are lots of communities and cappers that give tips about esports bets on the internet. Someone does it for free, some ask for money for their advice. Not to be left behind the eight ball, you have to choose the source of tips level-headedly.

Settle on one discipline

You should not jump from CS:GO to Dota 2 and then to LoL and back to CS:GO every day. It is better to focus your attention in one direction and to gradually polish your skills in pre-match analytics.

Verify the statistics of the adviser

A decent tipster will never reveal their statistics. If you are offered to pay for a subscription to tips but they don’t want to provide the whole statistics of success until you make your first payment, you should turn down the offer.

Analysis of the future bankroll

To benefit in the long-term, the success rate of the tipster must be higher 50% at events with the odds over 2,0. Even if the success rate of the tripster is about 80% (a very high figure) but the events are with high odds 1.1-1.5, you are likely to be in the red or with very low profit.

To illustrate, let us take the following data:

Example 1.

With the average odds 1.4 and success rate 80% of the $100 bankroll after 10 bets you will have 92 dollars (your loss will be -8 dollars).

Example 2.

If the average odds rise to 1.6, the better will make a profit of +8 dollars.

As you can see, good success rate of the tipster does not always make a profit for the bankroll in the long-term due to the fact that you also have to find event with relatively high odds.