Dota 2 odds and betting

Many esports experts consider the discipline Dota 2 to be the future of the youth betting and it is for a good reason.

Dota 2 is a legendary MOBA game, was a modification of the classic strategy WarCraft III. The company Valve announced its project later. The video game had faced a lot of changes until it has become one of the most popular disciplines. As an esports discipline, Dota 2 started with the big announcement of The International — the main yearly tournament by the company Valve where the Ukrainian team Natus Vincere became the first champion. Now, the number of tournaments has grown significantly and, besides The International, there are a whole series of prestigious tournaments both rating (DPC) and regular.

Dota 2 bets

Typically, the line of predictions is very big on bookmaker sites, so a bettor will not have problems with choosing one of the following types:

This is a small part of Dota 2 bets, which can be made at a bookmaker company. One or other options depend on the style of professional players and heroes, which are picked in the game.

Popular types of bets on Dota 2 matches

Bets on Dota 2 matches are made with real money or in-game items. The schedule of all matches, on which bets are made, is published beforehand. You will need to register before you start your online activity on such a website. A small bonus is provided for this, which will fill you in and even allow earning the first real money.

Then, we recommend you to acquaint yourself with Dota 2 analytics, read about rosters of teams, statistics of past matches, replacements and other news, which relate to the upcoming matches directly. But even after this, there could be not enough knowledge. There is no obvious favorite in the game, there have been nine The International and only in 2019, the team prevailed, which had won it before.

Reshuffles happen after a tournament season, participants leave and others take their places. Due to this, strong teams stop playing on an appropriate level until they create mutual understanding again.

Is it worth being afraid of match fixing, while making Dota 2 bets?

Those who have been familiar with the discipline for a long time probably know a meme about 322. The precedent for match fixing and the strict control of it was the game between RoX.KIS and zRage in 2013. Then, Alexey «Solo» Berezin bet 100 dollars against himself and could win 322 dollars but, unfortunately for him, organizers found out the truth and the player was barred from competition for one year. There are a lot of such stories in Dota 2 and esports but not all of them have been revealed.

Now, Dota 2 bets are way safer. Tournaments have reached a new level and there is no sense for participants to make small sums, betting against themselves. The ninth The International was hosted in 2019, its prize pool was close to 35 million dollars and it is far from the limit. No one rejects that there is no match fixing. We are talking about Dota 2 bets on Tier-1 teams, which are in the world rate and their reputation proves itself.

Dota 2 bets — advice for beginners

Every gamer dreams to become rich, making bets on Dota 2. But it is ridiculous to hope on luck if you have no experience. There are lots of resources on the Internet, which save information about various esports events. Start your acquaintance from them, find teams’ strong and weak sides, read players’ interviews and find out the plans on the upcoming season to make the right bets on Dota 2 matches.

Esports has become officially recognized as a sporting discipline in many countries. This is another reason to learn how to make money on the favorite game. Especially, you can start with minimal sums and predictions on matches can be found on the Internet.