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VALORANT is a CS:GO competitor. Despite its little age, the discipline appeared in 2020, the competitive stage has already gained the size that could be compared to famous esports clubs.

In a very short period of time VALORANT matches gained massive popularity among fans. Firstly, simple and understandable rules allow one to easily orient while watching the event. Secondly, the mechanics of the game attracts the attention of fans from all over the world.

As VALORANT competes with CS:GO for the title of the best FPS, the discipline has its own peculiarities and characteristics that allow it to differ from the competitor.

Firstly, there is a huge difference in the gameplay of the game even though the common idea is identical. Secondly, the competitive stage is one single mechanism where each tournament is linked to another.

Nevertheless, the logic of the game is in that you have to win more rounds and maps to win.

How VALORANT matches are played

As VALORANT is a classic example of FPS, the main idea of the match implies that the team wins more rounds for a victory. VALORANT has a system called MR12 that entails a necessity to win 13 rounds for winning the map.

However, the main idea of the match remains the same: the team has to win a map in case of a Bo1 series or take two maps out of three in case of Bo3.

Before the match players choose agents and each of them has a set of unique abilities. Therefore, VALORANT has a big number of abilities that make the whole gaming process more exciting.

Depending on the chosen agents, teams receive a set of strategies that can be used for winning a match. Besides, all agents are divided into classes that symbolize their overall set of characteristics and role.

Each team is represented by five people. At the beginning of each round players buy equipment and abilities that they will be able to use during the match. Besides, each agent has an ultimate skill that becomes available after accumulating the set number of points.

Points are awarded for each productive action: kill, death, installing or clearance of the spike, activation of the sphere on the map. Therefore, all the mentioned parameters influence the match directly.

Main formats of matches

VALORANT tournaments use the classic system of division of formats of matches:

Usually the Bo1 format is applied at regional tournaments and also group stages of more famous championships. At the same time Bo3 matches are played more often and are used at all major tournaments held on stage. As for Bo5, this format is used on final stages of championships: semifinals, finals of the lower bracket, grand final.

Where to watch VALORANT matches?

For starters, the platform where all big matches in the discipline are broadcast is Twitch. There you can find various tournament operators that are in charge of organization of tournaments in the discipline.

Also you can watch Valorant matches on our website EGW. We have got plenty of watching options and match analyses including multilingual broadcasts, latest predictions, analytics, statistics of teams and many other useful functions.

What is the series of VALORANT tournaments known for

The main tournament series in the discipline is VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT). The idea of the series is the division of participants into regions where championships take place.

The season is split into several splits and each of them end up with a Masters tournament — a kind of major. Overall, there are three enlarged: Europe, America and Asia. The participants are partner teams that were chosen by the developers.

At the end of the season the best teams in the world participate in the final of VALORANT Champions that could be compared to the Worlds, Six Invitational 2022 and The International.