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Ninja left Team EnVyUs
It is still unknown who will substitute a player.
SmittyJ signed a new contract with Schalke 04
Lord Matus2017-04-12T12:04:04.999Z
The esports organization has announced on their official website that it signed a new contact with Lennart «SmittyJ» Warkus.
Adrian «Adrian» Ma is not a member of the team Team Liquid anymore
The player has made a decision to leave because of his salary.
FORG1VEN will play in the Greek LoL league
One of the most famous Greek players in League of Legends, FORG1VEN will participate in Spring Split Greek Championship 2017.
Natus Vincere has stuck into reshuffles
The head of the organization has broke up contracts with the coach and the jungler of the LoL roster.
Stixxay will miss out the 9th week of NA LCS Spring 2017
One of the players of the team Counter Logic Gaming, Trevor «Stixxay» Hayes will miss out all matches of his team at the 9th week of NA LCS Spring 2017.