Overwatch News & Updates

Philadelphia Fusion will not be able to take part in the December preseason matches of The Overwatch League
The organization has informed about this on its Twitter:
Sado excluded from Overwatch League for boosting
The player will miss first 30 matches of the season.
Blizzard will create an open league for Overwatch
The players will compete for 4 slots in Overwatch Contendors.
The results of WESG 2017 European final
The mixes from CIS were the strongest in Dota 2 and CS:GO, and StarCraft II and Hearthstone were conquered by the European team.
The list of talents for WESG EU & CIS Finals was announced
Organizers have published an information about who will work on observing of the regional final for viewers.
Blizzard consider Overwatch movie
The developers of esports discipline think about shooting an Overwatch big-screen movie.