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Overwatch video game review for egamersworld users

Shooters have always been attractive to players. However, the number of such games on the competitive arena did not satisfy them, and they have been looking for some new offers from game developers. When Overwatch game was released in 2016, the players understood that would be their chance to try themselves in a completely new first player shooter game. Every match is played between two teams each consisting of 6 players. As well as other team games, Overwatch video game has several classes of heroes including offense, defense, support and tank classes. Also, there are several map types where the game can be played: Assault, Escort, Hybrid and Control. During each game round, players protect their control points and attack the control points of other player. The game is definitely worth trying as it has combined the best features of the most popular games, but it still has rather low level of competition.

Why you should join overwatch esports events?

As we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the level of competition in Overwatch esports is still low. The matter is that the game is rather new, and there are still a few professional teams. Besides, game tournaments are rather rare although Blizzard, the developer of the game, promised to support the professional league so we expect that the number of events will increase in 2017. According to official Overwatch website information, we may expect for the professional league season at the second half of 2017, and in 2018 we will enjoy the full seasons. This is a great news for everyone who wants to give a try to professional competition but still is not sure what game to choose. We recommend you to follow our Overwatch website to be the first to get to know about the tournaments and events that are going to start soon.

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You can always discuss games with other players on our forums or during the live broadcasts of the matches. How can you comment matches during the events? Just go to Matches or Streams section during one of the Overwatch championship events and leave comment in the chat. Everything’s easy and simple and you do not need to look for some other place where you can find game fans who are ready to communicate with you.