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WESG 2017 organizers announced first details of the tournament
Lord Matus2017-08-19T17:36:30.568Z
On the official website of WESG 2017, the information about the upcoming esports championship appeared recently.
Savjz predicted it well, and here it is - the Lich King is suddenly a card that is very powerful in this Meta, despite its more obvious weaknesses.
Hearthstone: What can we Expect from Knights of the Frozen Throne Tomorrow?
It's the eve of yet another expansion for Hearthstone, and all of the cards have been revealed! Take a look at them here.
The global update «Knights of the Frozen Throne» will be released on August 11
Developers of the eSports card discipline have announced new details about the upcoming global game update.
Hearthstone: Could Knights of the Frozen Throne be Pushing for a More Viable Control Warrior?
The card reveals for Warrior have really been hinting at another viable late-game control Warrior list. Could it be enough to make it viable again?
Gfinity will broadcast esports on BBC channel
Gfinity company, the organizer of esports tournaments in the Great Britain, announced cooperation with BBC channel.