Hearthstone News & Updates

Lifecoach will carry out a Hearthstone tournament
Lord Matus2017-06-27T19:22:44.432Z
One of the most famous Hearthstone players, Adrian «Lifecoach» Koy has announced that he will carry out a card discipline tournament called Summer Mansion
Mitsuhide won SeatStory Cup VII
He was the best among 32 other players.
The second group stage of SeatStory Cup VII was announced
Lord Matus2017-06-23T23:22:38.430Z
Organizers of the tournament, the company TaKeTV has informed about details of the second group stage of SSC VII on its official Twitter account
Details of carrying of SeatStory Cup VII appeared
Organizers have told about a format, a prize pool and shown a schedule.
M19 signed two Hearthstone players
Eugenii «Rikitikitavi» Zanin and Dmitrii «unwi2» Izhmyakov joined М19 as players for Hearthstone roster.
The detailed information about HGG Phase 2 appeared
The schedule and the format have become known.