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Hearthstone - a game for everyone

Among the shooters and MOBA games, there are some games that are different from others but still attract the attention of players. For example, card games. These are not those classic card games like poker or 21, these are games where you need to collect card, construct decks and use your heroes to defeat opponents. One of the most popular games of this type of hearthstone esports discipline. This is one of another popular Blizzard products which base on Warcraft university. As well as other Warcraft-based games, it attracts the attention of the players who have an experience in playing WoW, and also players who just looking for something new to try. One of the best features of this game is that hearthstone esports also became a discipline played on the professional arena.

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As a big fan of this game, you are probably looking for a portal to read information about the updates of the game, recent news and the upcoming events. As a hearthstone website we provide this information to our readers. Additionally, we cover all topics connected with the game itself and everything that is going on around it:

For example, we regularly check give the overview of the tournaments and events that are over. It means that even if you have missed some matches, you can just read the information on our site and find everything you need!

Fresh hearthstone news 2017 about players and teams

Unlike other esports disciplines, this is a young game where any player can fight for the title of champion. Of course, some of the players have been playing it professionally since the very beginning and participated in different matches and tournaments to get the champion title. On our website, we pay special attention to hearthstone news 2017 but we also do not forget to remind our readers about the events that happened a couple of months ago, so even if you just started to follow hearthstone online game, you still can get all the information that you may need for making analysis. This will be equally useful for those who want to start playing game professionally and for those who want to start making bets.

Betting on esports hearthstone events is rather popular as the events are hold all the time, and the number of tournaments is raising, so you will definitely would like to try yourself in making bets. If you want to try out your fate, place a couple of bets – we’re sure you like it.