Epsilon eSports signed a Rocket League roster
Lord Matus2017-06-23T22:19:01.107Z
The head of the eSports organization has informed on its official Twitter account about Epsilon to sign three Rocket League players.
NBC TV company will broadcast Rocket League seasonal tournament
Lord Matus2017-06-23T11:26:11.913Z
Recently, the information appeared that Psyonix, the company that created Rocket League, closed an interesting deal with NBC Sports Group.
Team EnVyUs signed Rocket League roster
Lord Matus2017-06-22T11:55:55.844Z
The representatives of Team EnVyUs announced on their official web-site that they launched Rocket League division.
First details of Rocket League Championships Series Season 4
The organizers of RLCS #4 announced the first details of the tournament. The schedule for different tournament stages and other information are available new.
Bad Panda announced two more participants for The 2017 World Cup
The organizers of The 2017 World Cup informed that Team Brazil and Team Netherlands joined the competition for the title of World Champion.
Bad Panda announced a Rocket League tournament
Bad Panda together with League of Rockets has announced a new Rocket League tournament with the prize pool in the sum of $5,000.