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CS GO: the game that has captured the whole world

There are so many games but only some of them deserve to be called the best ones. These games are equally popular in different regions:

One of the games that now are known as the best ones is cs go. This is perhaps the most famous first player shooter in the world. The game started its history in 2012 being the franchise of the main counter strike game. Currently, the number of active players is about 1 mnl players, and the average number of every day users is about 400 000. The popularity of cs go continues to rise despite the fact that new games appear all the time. Moreover, the organizers of multiple esports events continue to hold counter strike tournaments.

Basic rules of cs go game

Every single player who at least once watched the matches of the professional game teams is wondering how they manage to demonstrate such a high level of playing in the game with rather complicated rules. Of course, for the players who have been playing this game for years, the rules do not seem to be such difficult, but a new player may meet some complications. Each game is played with 2 teams, and each of the teams has different objects. There are also different game modes and maps, and all these rules determine how the game is played. Various csgo sites explain rules of the game for beginners, but we need to mention that even though the rules may seem to be a little bit complicated from the first view, when you start to play the game, everything comes up intuitively so you can understand everything by yourself. Also, on cs go websites you will find hidden tricks and tips on how to play this game on the professional level.

Professional esports csgo

The game is played on the professional arena which means that there are many professional teams and rosters that participate in different major and minor tournaments. CS GO esports raises its popularity rapidly, and today the games on non-computational arena are not such attractive to the players as the games played on tournaments. The matter is that professional arena presupposes huge rewards and payments for winning and in some cases for participations. On every cs go website you will be able to find the fullest information on

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