Solo (Alexey Berezin) - NaVi

Original name: Алексей Березин
Country: Russia
Team: NaVi

Alexey «Solo» Berezin is the legendary CIS player. Solo struggled lots of difficult moments in his career but managed to cope with them and he is one of the best captains in CIS and one of the most respected persons in the esports world generally today. We present to your attention Solo’s road to becoming an esportsman.

The beginning of the career

Alexey’s road to the top of the esports started from visiting gaming clubs. There, he demonstrated a high gaming level among his peers. It is not surprising that Alexey has chosen esports as a job as a result.

The first team Solo was playing for was Moscow Five. The player spent two months there, from September 2012 to November of the same year. Further, he played in the team Eclypsia but he moved to the mix United Sexy Boys a month later where he did not last longer than a month.

In January 2013, he joined XX5 Gaming where spent a week. There were Ice Climbers, 3DIClan, and RoX. Alexey got into the «322» scandal in this club.

322 and the further fate

Being a member of the club RoX in 2013, the player was participating in the match against zRage at the tournament Ice Dota 2. The player was demonstrating a pretty unnatural play for him, which was suspicious. The suspicion was for a reason. Having made an investigation, the tournament organizers found out that Alexey was losing the match intentionally. He bet 100 dollars on the team zRage, against which he was playing. Odds on the victory were 3,22.

Initially, Solo was permanently banned from participating in competitive matches. The player’s career was almost destroyed but with the help of CIS organizations and media persons, the ban was reduced to one year. Having taken the punishment, Alexey learned the lesson and started doing his best.

Virtus.Pro was the first team, for which Solo was playing after the ban. The player spent a month there, after which moved to Poseidon.

Solo was playing for 4 teams from November 2013 to April 2015 but he was not able to achieve the desired results there. The first success came after his transfer to Vega Squadron.

Vega Squadron and the first success

Solo became a player of the Dota 2 roster of Vega Squadron in April 2015. The team demonstrated good results inside the region and on in the international arena later. In October 2015, Vega achieved victory at the championship ESL One New York 2015 where defeated Team Secret. Unfortunately, success was short. The team was not able to qualify for The International 2016 and Solo stopped being a member of Vega Squadron in August 2016. Virtus.Pro was the next club for Alexey.

Virtus.Pro and personal achievements

Solo joined Virtus.Pro in August 2016. Almost immediately, the team became one of the best in the region. The team became one of the best in the region almost immediately. VP headed by Solo prevailed at small tournaments and made it to its first Major in April 2017. The team stopped one step away from the championship at The Kiev Major 2017. The team was coming to the upcoming The International 2017 as the favorite. The Bears were demonstrating a nice level of the game at the championship but they were not able to cope with Team Liquid, which became the world champions as a result. The team finished the performance on the 5th-6th place. After TI7, VP started playing with renewed vigor. The further season passed under the leadership of VP.

They achieved victory at ESL One Hamburg 2017 in October 2017. They became the champions of ESL One Katowice 2018 and a month later, they won The Bucharest Major. In May 2018, they achieved victory at the third ESL tournament – ESL One Birmingham 2018. Virtus.Pro were the absolute favorites at the upcoming TI8. Unfortunately for the fans of the bears, the team did not deal with the pressure and finished their performance at the tournament placing 5th-6th.

In November 2018, VP won The Kuala Lumpur Major, after which the team faced its decline. However, the team returned to action at the beginning of the new year. They placed second at The Chongqing Major, DreamLeague Season 11, and 3rd at the home Epicenter Major 2019. VP came to TI9 as the main contenders to prevail for the third time. However, the team did not meet the expectations and left the championship, having held the 9th-12th place. The roster changed after the loss but Solo continued being the captain of VP.

Alexey has managed to earn more than 1,796,000 dollars in his career. Due to his contribution, the CIS region once again gained the status of the strongest in 2017-2018.