Resolut1on (Roman Fominok) -

Original name: Роман Фомінок
Country: Ukraine

Roman «Resolut1on» Fominok is one of the most experienced players in the competitive Dota 2. Roman managed to play in several regions where he demonstrated good results and a high understanding of the game. We present to your attention Resolution’s path to becoming an esportsman

The beginning of the career

Like the majority of the professional players, Roman had started his way to the professional scene way before his arrival to an esports organization. Since the early years, he has spent a lot of time playing computer games. It helped him to build a career and become one of the best representatives of the CIS region.

The first club, Resulution was playing for, was iCCup. There, Resolution spent 5 months, from March 2013 to August 2013. Terrible Terrible Damage was the next team Resolution played for. The player spent less than 2 weeks in it. After his departure from Terrible Terrible Damage, Fominok became a player of Virtus.Pro. He won a small tournament with it, Techlabs Cup August. But Resolution did not say in VP for a long time.

In October 2013, he became a player of Rox.Kis but he left the team in November. Roman joined the roster of Team Empire in November 2013.

Team Empire and the first successes

Having joined Team Empire, Resolut1on started demonstrating nice results. With the team, he quickly became a tough opponent in the CIS region and the whole world later.

The biggest results of the performance for Empire include: the 1st places at Dota 2 Champions League Season 3, Game Show Global eSports Cup Season 1, Excellent Moscow Cup, Dota 2 Champions League Season 5, Excellent Moscow Cup 2. Also, the team won a few tournaments, which were ranked lower.

Despite the good performance results, Team Empire was not able to show high results at The International. In 2014, Resolution with the team placed 13th-14th and 9th-12th in 2015. Resolut1on left Team Empire in February 2016.

Europe and America

After the departure from Empire, Resolut1on became a highly-demanded player. He moved to the American region in February 2016. He became a player of Digital Chaos there.

With DC, Resolut1on demonstrated nice results and competed with EG for the title of the strongest team in the region.

At The International 2016, Resolut1on demonstrated the best result in his career. With the team, he placed second, having lost to the Chinese team Wings Gaming in the final.

After the end of The International, he placed 3rd-4th at The Boston Major 2016 and 1st at ESL One Genting 2017. Despite the results being very satisfying, he with his teammates left the organization in April 2017.

Resolut1on’s further club was Thunderbirds, which was later renamed into Planet Odd. He was playing for Planet Odd in May-August 2017. He left the team in August 2017 and went to The International 2017 as an analyst. But due to good luck, he became a stand-in of its past club – Team Empire.

Empire showed nice results at TI7. With Resolut1on as a stand-in, the team managed to make it to the top 8. Empire lost to the future champions, Team Liquid.

After the end of TI7, Resolut1on became a player of OG. Roman spent 5 months there. With the club, he achieved victories at MDL Macau 2017 and a few small tournaments. In March 2018, Resolut1on parted ways with OG. Roman went to play in the American region again.

In August 2018, he became a player of Quincy Crew but moved to Forward Gaming a month later. With Forward Gaming, he demonstrated good results in the region. After 4 months of playing for FG, Roman became a player of J.Storm.

Resolut1on held the 1st place at GESC: Thailand Dota2 Minor with J.Storm. Also, the club placed second at MDL Changsha Major. At The International 2018, the club demonstrated nice results in the group stage but finished the performance placing 7th-8th in the playoffs.

VP and personal achievements

Resolut1on stopped being a player of J.Storm in September 2019. He joined Virtus.Pro the same month.

He managed to hold the 1st place at Parimatch League Season 1 and Parimatch League Season 3 with VP. Also, he finished 2nd at Parimatch League season 2 and Epic Prime League Season 1. Resolut1on has earned more than 1,464,000 dollars of prize money in his career.