Don't miss the start of The Itnernational 10 playoffs!

October 12 is on the calendar, and that means the time has come. The playoffs of the most expensive tournament in the esports world kicks off today.

The International 10 main stage kicks off at 09:00 CET. About half an hour before that, the TI Anniversary Opening Ceremony will begin.

Invictus Gaming and Team Spirit were honored to open the event. The Chinese grandees will fight the "dragons" in a bo3 duel for the passage to the semifinals of the upper bracket.

OG and Team Secret will follow them into battle. The reigning world champions will play against Secret for the first time in the history of The International tournaments. After the European derby, we will have the first round of matches for life. Bo1 roulette will be opened by Fnatic and Undying.


The International 2021 kicked off on October 7 and ends on the 17th. The total prize fund of the championship is $ 40,018,195, and 18 best teams in the world, representing six playing regions: North America, South America, CIS, Europe, Southeast Asia and China, are engaged in its distribution. 12 teams made it to The International thanks to the required number of rating points gained during the Dota Pro Circuit 2020/2021 season. The remaining six participants became the best in the regional qualifications. Valve announced a way to distribute the prize money among the participants. The winner will receive 45.5% of the prize pool, while the silver and bronze medalists will receive awards of 13% and 9%. In monetary terms, the above prizes are equal to $ 18,208,300, $ 5,202,400 and $ 3,601,600, respectively.