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Performance statistics of Team Aster:

The last 5 matches: the number of victories amounts 2 (50%).
The last 10 matches: the number of victories amounts 3 (43%).

The number of matches, which were played by Team Aster in the past 3 months - 26. Also, the number of won matches - 19, which amounted 74%.
The number of matches, which were played by Team Aster in the past year - 75. Also, the number of won matches - 52, which amounted 70%.

All fans of the team Team Aster should remember the following date - Coming soon. At this time, Team Aster will face in the match with Coming soon at the championship Coming soon.

The tournament The International 2022 was a place for the last match of Team Aster. At the above-mentioned event, Team Aster played a match against the team Team Liquid, which was carried out on 29.10.2022.

This match was over with the confident victory of the team Team Liquid with a score of 1:2.

The ratio of 2 victory(victories) (50%) in the last 5 matches can’t allow us to evaluate the current gaming state of the team Team Aster objectively.

Team Aster is a professional Chinese esports organization. It was founded by legendary player BurNIng from China, and it is well-known thanks to the Dota 2 subdivision. This is the topic of our today’s story.

First Appearance

BurNIng first expressed their intentions to found his own organization in 2017-2018. However, this idea was realized in September 2018 when he announced the first roster consisting of stars of the Chinese stage:

  • Sylar
  • Dstones
  • Xxs
  • BoBoKa
  • Fenrir

The first challenge for the fresh team was their performance at the qualifiers for The Kuala Lumpur Major China. The team easily passed the open qualifiers and later the players finished third at the closed qualifiers which let the roster make it to the Major.

Being on the rise, Aster won the open qualifiers for ESL One Hamburg 2018, and later took second place at World Electronic Sports Games 2018 China Finals. Then the team won the closed quals for ESL One Hamburg 2018.

In Hamburg Aster took 5th-6th place which was a pretty good result but not enough for such an ambitious club. However, the main test was just coming.

In November 2018, Aster performed at the first Major tournament in the history of the new organization. The debut performance turned out to be a real failure and Aster took 13th-16th place.

It is obvious that those results instigated changes in the roster: Dstones got benched and his slot was given to loveyouloveme.

The renewed roster represented Aster at H-Cup Season 10 where they took 5th-6th place, then they won the qualifiers for The Chongqing Major, took 7th-8th place at Dota2 Professional League 2018 S2, won H-Cup Season 11, and later again took 5th-6th place in the 12th season of H-Cup.

Even though the end of the first season was bumpy, participation in the Major offset all not very successful results.

Season 2019 and Search of an Optimal Roster

The season 2019 started for Aster with a performance at The Chongqing Major. However, it was a failure: the team repeated the results of The Kuala Lumpur Major and took 13th-16th place at the hometown championship.

Apparently, this performance led to new changes in the team. The roster welcomed Mushi, who replaced loveyouloveme.

Nevertheless, the experienced player was not enough. Aster took third place at the qualifiers for StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor, and at the end of February the players had to celebrate 7th-8th place at ESL One Katowice 2019.

The peak of the failure is 21st-24th place at World Electronic Sports Games 2018. After that Aster was to go through reshuffles: Sylar and Fenrir moved to inactive, Hmx and Q became stand-ins. Later J and ChYuan were signed on trial.

The updated roster of Aster managed to climb to the summit of the Chinese region, and also to become a world class team. However, the players’ results were pretty weak.

The team was unable to get qualified for MDL Disneyland Paris Major, ESL One Birmingham 2019, OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019.

Later the team entered the light times which was when they took third place at Betway Dota 2 Asia League Season 1 which was later changed by another failure. This time it was fifth place at the quals to EPICENTER Major and 5th-6th place at the qualifiers for StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2.

In the summer Aster got a grip. The team won Asian Masters League Season 1 in June, took third place at ZBT Invitational and ESL One Hamburg 2019.

Even though Aster could not get qualified for The International, the team took first place at the qualifiers for MDL Chengdu Major and second place at Hainan Master Cup. Besides, the Major tournament did not bring any luck to Aster. At MDL Chengdu Major, the team took 9th-12th place which was the best result of all majors where the team participated even though we cannot characterize that performance as successful. Maybe their gaming had been influenced by the previous changes: Sccc and Fade joined the team instead of J and Fenrir.

Till the end of 2019, Aster got qualified for another Major tournament, DreamLeague Season 13. Also the team entered Top-4 at World Electronic Sports Games 2019 China Finals and took 9th-10th place at ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Singapore.

Online, Season 2020 and New Attempts to Find Their Game

Season 2020 started in the same way as the previous one – with a performance at a Major. This time was much better: at DreamLeague Season 13 Aster took 9th-12th place. However, the management of the club thought that the result was acceptable, so they did not change the players. Aster continued playing and gaining experience.

The team took fourth place at the qualifiers for ESL One Los Angeles 2020 China Closed Qualifier, after that successfully qualified for StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 3.

Aster not only qualified for Minor but also won it when they defeated Alliance 3-1 at the final. But, as it often happens, big victories were changed by unconfident results.

Starting with March 2020, the team had a series of not very successful performances. Aster took 5th-6th place at China Dota2 Professional League Season 1, 8th place at CDA League Season 1, 5th-6th place at OGA Dota PIT Season 1: China.

Later the team joined Top-4 at DPL-CDA Professional League Season 1, took 5th-6th place at ESL One Birmingham 2020 – Online: China and entered Top-4 at China Dota2 Professional League Season 2 with the fourth position.

In the summer mediocre performances continued. The team took 7th-8th place at BEYOND EPIC: China, 5th-6th place at OGA Dota PIT S2: China, 3rd place at DPL-CDA Professional League Season 2. Then the team finally went through global changes. The new roster was made up by:

  • Monet
  • DD
  • Xxs
  • BoBoka
  • 天命

The changes were fruitful and Aster started to take third places at Top-3 again and again. In the renewed roster Aster finished eighth at China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 1, third at OGA Dota PIT S3: China, fourth at CDA-FDC Professional Championship, third at CDA-FDC Professional Championship Season 2. Besides, the successful performances did not stop Aster from replacing BoBoka and 天命 by LaNm and Borax.

Later the team was one step away from winning China Dota2 Pro Cup Season2 and Huya Winter Invitational. At the beginning of 2021, Aster successfully won the closed qualifiers for Dota Pro Circuit 2021: S1.

Organization and Awards

The founder of the club is the legendary Chinese player BurNIng. The manager of the roster is Yang Lin.

The organization collaborates with such brands as Huya, CHERRY.

Since the moment of its foundation, the Dota 2 subdivision has made over $361,600 of grabs.

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