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Yuriy Sheremet Biography


Yuriy Sheremet – Expert in mobile gaming and esports among shooters and MOBA games.

At EGamersWorld, Yuriy, as in 2020 when he joined the portal, works with content, albeit with adjustments to his area of responsibility.

Yuriy Sheremet – Content Expert at EGamersWorld, Running Editor – ESports & Gaming Specialist

Yuriy has been working at EGamersWorld since 2020. Joining the company in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, he initially took on the role of a news maker and later became a full-time Dota 2 analyst. Over time, his responsibilities expanded to include CS2 and LoL, which became the main disciplines, as well as managing the blog's content alongside identifying portal growth points.

Role at EGamersWorld

At EGamersWorld, Yuriy, as in 2020 when he joined the portal, works with content, albeit with adjustments to his area of responsibility. Whereas previously his tasks included searching, writing, formatting, and publishing news from the gaming industry, now he focuses on authoring articles for the blog and is also part of EGamersWorld's SEO team.

His daily routine involves the full cycle of working with text: from finding topics interesting to EGamersWorld readers, to writing articles and publishing them. Additionally, he remains a full-time esports analyst, covering major League of Legends and Counter-Strike championships.

Outside of EGamersWorld

Spending 70% of his time at EGamersWorld trying to find growth points for the blog and build a quality content stream, Yuriy spends his free time on computer games and personal life. While the latter should remain personal, when it comes to games, we talk with joy and all feelings. Yuriy's feelings were initially towards Dota 2, then towards CSGO, and later towards Overwatch, HotS, CoD: Warzone, PUBG, and finally League of Legends.

In addition to competitive multiplayer games that Yuriy still plays "for work," he loves souls-like games, action RPGs, and metroidvanias. He still naively believes that Silksong exists and will eventually be released. Apart from games, in his youth, he could spend hours watching Warhammer lore videos or reviews of film and series theories. Therefore, when it comes to movies or games in "What, Where, When," he has pretty good chances of winning.

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Latest news by Yuriy Sheremet

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