Grayhound Gaming gained an invitation to ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals

The team won over Chiefs Esports Club and ORDER. Thanks to the fact that Athletico Esports decided not to participate in a senseless for them match against Grayhound Gaming, the latter got a technical victory and took the first place in the group.

The matches of this region were held on 12-23 May. Unlike the European and North American divisions, the meetings of these participants from Oceania countries took place online. TYLOO performed better than others in another group of the Asian qualifier, so this way the closed qualifiers in Asia have got over today.

ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals will be taking place in one of the cities in France, Montpellier. The event will start on 18 June and will get over on 23 June. 16 participants who have made it to the tournament will divide a prize pool of $750,000. The best team will gain a big prize of $250,000.

Now the list of the participants in ESL Pro League Season 9 is the following: