Results of the group stage of StarSeries i-League CS:GO Invitational Season 7

In total the results of the group stage were pretty expectable. Such teams as Team Spirit, FaZe Clan, BIG, MIBR, TYLOO, Vici Gaming, Panda Gaming and paiN Gaming have already left the competition. The only collectives that deserved the right to pass to Eight Best but were not close enough to that are FaZe Clan and Team Spirit. The latter managed to surprise with their performance and with the fact that they almost made it to the final stage of the Chinese championship.

The biggest disappointment may be FaZe Clan and MIBR. These teams are professionals but they have been having a series of misfortunes times lately and once again the Europeans and the Brazilians had a failure.

At the first matches NRG Esports will be playing with Team Vitality, Fnatic will oppose to the players from North, Renegades will be fighting with NRG Esports for getting to the semifinal whole Natus Vincere will try to win a rematch with ENCE for the lost semifinal at the Major tournament.

NRG Esports vs Team Vitality

At this match it is rather difficult to predict the results as the collectives are approximately the same if we compare their gaming level. NRG Esports have been having bad times lately, but at StarSeries they showed that they had been preparing for the tournament and their players got good individual shape and worked on their strategies. Meanwhile, Vitality is one of the strongest teams in the world and the strongest in France. The results of the current championship make us doubt about success of NRG at this meeting, so we lean towards NBK- and his teammates from Vitality.

Fnatic vs North

The clear favorites of the match are the Swedish players representing the tag Fnatic. The colly showed that they were ready to compete with the teams of the world's level and the bad times that followed the Swedish must have finished. Fnatic made it to the playoff by the statistics of 3-0 and it was the proof to the facts mentioned above while North were one step close to failure. Kjaerbye and his teammates got a difficult win over Team Spirit at the last battle and as a result, they passed to the final stage by the score of 3-2. It proves the fact that we can wait for Fnatic at the semifinal. North have a chance to win, but they are not as considerable as Fnatic's.

Renegades vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

Here we think that the Australians have a good chance to win over the Swedish. If we were to compare their likelihood to win in percentage terms, we would give 60% for RNG. Taking into account the fact that the Australians made it to the playoff with the statistics of 3-0, showing a good game at the group and that Ninjas in Pyjamas passed by the skin of their teeth, holding the 8 place of the group stage by the score of 3-2, we are more sure that AZR with his teammates will defeat NiP.

Natus Vincere vs ENCE eSports

This match is the biggest intrigue of the quarterfinal. ENCE and Na’Vi met no so long time ago at the playoff stage. At the semifinal of IEM Katowice Major 2019 the Finnish opposed to the CIS team where they succeeded in winning. Natus Vincere are extremely motivated to win, but allu and his teammates will not rest on oars. The chance of winning of any of the teams is approximately the same, but due to motivation of Na’Vi, we can say that the players can surprise. Nevertheless, if we take only bare facts and the results of the teams at the group stage into account, we will lean towards the players from ENCE eSports.


StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Invitational Season 7 is taking place from 30 March in Shanghai, China. The tournament will end up on 7 April. The prize pool will consist of $500,000, and the main money prize — $250,000.