IEM Fall 2021 Europe: Team Vitality and NiP will fight to reach the grand final

Yesterday's gaming day Intel Extreme Masters Fall 2021 Europe gave us a look at the first confrontations in the playoffs. In the first one, Copenhagen Flames and Team Vitality met, and in the second, Movistar Riders and NiP met face to face.

The meeting between Copenhagen Flames and Team Vitality took place on two maps. The first of them was Dust 2. There the Danish team started for the attacking side and took only 5 rounds. After the transition, Copenhagen Flames continued for defense and played there an order of magnitude better, but they failed to take more than seven rounds from their opponents.

The second card was Vertigo. There Vitality started in defense and took only 6 rounds. After the transition, the French realized their offensive potential and defeated the Copenhagen Flames with a score of 16-14. CPF were close to winning, but this time they were weaker than their opponents. The defeat of the team led to the fact that they fell into the grid for the 5th-8th place, where they will determine their final result in the event.

In the second confrontation, Movistar Riders and NiP met. The teams showed more interesting and more intriguing counter-strike, as many spectators love. The first map to fight was Ancient. There NiP overpowered their opponents with great difficulty. The first half ended in maximum balance with a score of 8-7, after which the tendency of a tight struggle remained almost throughout almost the entire Bo3-confrontation. NiP beat Movistar Riders on Ancient with a score of 16-14 and switched to Inferno. On this map, the teams played in a series of main rounds with a score of 15-15 and moved on to additional rounds. There Movistar Riders showed themselves in all their glory and finished the fight with a score of 19-16. NiP didn’t like it, and after their opponents seemed to have fizzled out, the Swedes fought back. On Nuke, device with his teammates lost only 5 rounds to opponents and prevailed with a result of 16-5.

Now NiP and Team Vitality will fight in the semifinals, as mentioned earlier, and will determine the participant who will compete in the grand final for the title of the best team of the passing Intel Extreme Masters Fall 2021 Europe.


Intel Extreme Masters Fall 2021 Europe runs from September 29th. The championship will end on October 10 and its total prize pool is $ 105,000. 24 teams are engaged in its division. The winner of the battles will receive the main reward in the form of $ 27,500 + 2,500 RMR + 500 ESL Pro Tour. The silver medalist will earn $ 17,500 + 2,344 RMR + 350 ESL Pro Tour, and the third-place team will earn $ 12,000 + 2,188 RMR + 225 ESL Pro Tour. The European RMR tournament is the only one of all RMR events to take place offline. In order to fight face to face, the teams visited the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. They all gathered at a place called the Quality Hotel Globe.