Astralis outplayed Fiend in the quarter finals of IEM Fall 2021 Europe

Astralis outplayed Fiend in the quarter-finals of IEM Fall 2021 Europe, thereby guaranteeing itself a place in the TOP-4 of the championship. Now the team will have to meet with the ENCE team in order to compete for a place in the IEM Fall 2021 Europe grand final.

The quarterfinal meeting began on the Nuke map, which became the choice of the Danish team. And if in the first half the Danes still made mistakes, still retaining an advantage, then after the change of sides Astralis began to take rounds in series, thereby quickly running ahead. Even despite all the attempts of the Bulgarian team to recoup, the Danes confidently closed their peak with a score of 16:10.

The Inferno map started with a long technical break during which players could go crazy. However, immediately after the continuation of the meeting, the Danes seized the initiative, closing the first half with a score of 11: 4. Well, then Astralis had no difficulty in solving all the issues, having issued the final defeat - 16: 9.

After this defeat, the Fiend team dropped into the fight for places from 5th to 8th. In case of victory in one of the two BO3s, the Bulgarian team guarantees a trip to PGL Major Stockholm 2021.


Intel Extreme Masters Fall 2021 Europe runs from September 29 to October 10. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 105,000.