ENCE reached the semifinals of IEM Fall 2021 Europe

The ENCE team reached the IEM Fall 2021 Europe semifinals, where they will meet with Astralis. At the end of the quarterfinal meeting, the European team turned out to be stronger than G2 with a score of 2: 1.

The quarterfinal series with G2 started again with a long technical pause. However, the start on the Mirage map nevertheless happened, where equality reigned in the first half. Nevertheless, in attack, ENCE showed too strong a level of play to quickly close the map with a score of 16: 8, giving only one round to G2.

On Nuke, it all started with the total domination of the Balkan-French, who, after the first half in defense, secured a 9-round advantage. But even after the switch-over, ENCE failed to wake up, thereby allowing G2 to get an easy victory - 16: 8.

In the end, everything was decided on the Dust 2 map, which slowly spilled over into overtime. Here ENCE showed perseverance and character to close the opponent with a score of 22:18.

After this victory, ENCE guaranteed a trip to PGL Major Stockholm 2021. In turn, G2 will go to fight for places from 5th to 8th, where they will start their journey against Fiend.


Intel Extreme Masters Fall 2021 Europe runs from September 29 to October 10. The total prize pool of the championship is $ 105,000.