Copenhagen Flames ranked 7th at IEM Fall 2021 Europe

Copenhagen Flames took 7th place at IEM Fall 2021 Europe. In a tense duel, the Danish team proved to be stronger than Fiend with a score of 2: 0, leaving the rival behind PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

The decisive match for a slot at the main championship of the fall began on Nuke, which became the choice of the Danish team. However, according to the results of the two halves, the teams could not identify the winner, having to rush into overtime. Here Copenhagen Flames were clearly lucky to start in defense to close their own pick with a score of 19:17.

On the Inferno map, everything went according to a similar scenario, since the teams again failed to determine the winner after two halves. As a result, the game once again dragged on for several series of overtimes, as a result of which Copenhagen Flames showed character and took away the last slot from Fiend at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 - 28:25.

Note that the Bulgarian team, despite the final 8th place in the IEM Fall 2021 Europe, was left out of the PGL Major, as it scored fewer RMR points than FaZe Clan (1406 versus 1498).


IEM Fall 2021 Europe Interim Results