IEM Fall 2021 Europe: Copenhagen Flames and Team Fiend will fight for 7th place

Another confrontation within the framework of the ongoing Intel Extreme Masters Fall 2021 Europe has come to an end. Two teams will fight for 5th place in the next match, while two other teams are destined to play for 7th place.

The first match was played by Team Fiend and G2 Esports. There the teams held a meeting on two maps. The first of these was Nuke. There G2 Esports started on the attacking side and performed quite well, but finished the first half with a minimal gap, that is, with a result of 8-7. After the transition, the French showed excellent defense and gave their opponents only 5 rounds in the second half of the battle. The second map was Mirage and it became one of the most boring in the framework of the ongoing Intel Extreme Masters Fall 2021 Europe - the second fight between Fiend and G2 Esports ended with a score of 16-2.

In the next confrontation, Copenhagen Flames and Movistar Riders fought against each other. The teams first converged on Vertigo. This fight has become really hot and intriguing. The first half ended 9-6 in favor of Movistar Rdiers, after which Copenhagen Flames switched to the attacking side and brought the game to a draw. To determine the winner, the participants of the meeting had to resort to using overtime, which ended with a result of 19-17 in favor of Movistar Riders. The second card was Ancient, and it followed a slightly different scenario. Movistar Riders quickly took the initiative and took the first 11 rounds on the defensive side. The transition did not let their opponents relax and Movistar quickly put the squeeze on their rivals, completing the map with a score of 16-8.

Now the losing teams, Team Fiend and Copenhagen Flames, will come face to face in the match for the 7th place, while G2 Esports and Movistar Riders will fight in the battle for the 5th place in the standings.

According to the results of the previous matches, Astralis and Team Vitality almost completed their way in the championship. The teams could not resist the power of ENCE and NiP, respectively, and now they will fight in the match for the 3rd place. ENCE and NiP will in turn compete for the title in a confrontation that will take place tonight.

Interim results of Intel Extreme Masters Fall 2021 Europe


Intel Extreme Masters Fall 2021 Europe runs from September 29th. The championship ends today, with a total prize pool of $ 105,000, divided by 24 teams. The European RMR Tournament is the only RMR event currently taking place offline. In order to fight face to face, the teams visited the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, and gathered at a place called the Quality Hotel Globe.