FaZe Clan is one step away from the trip to PGL Major Stockholm 2021

FaZe Clan finished their performance at IEM Fall 2021 Europe, finishing in 9th place. From now on, the team is on the verge of a trip to PGL Major Stockholm 2021 with 1498 RMR points.

After failing at the group stage, FaZe Clan found itself in an awkward position, risking missing the upcoming PGL Major Stockholm 2021. However, in order to get at least theoretical chances of a trip to Sweden, the team needed blood from their nose to victories in the isolated stage of the championship.

The team began their way to Play-In by defeating OG, having dealt with Aleksib and the company with a score of 2: 1. However, after this victory, FaZe Clan had to overcome another obstacle in the face of BIG.

The match for 9th place began on the Mirage map, which became the choice of Galacticos. But if there was still a struggle in the first half, then in defense FaZe Clan turned out to be adamant, closing the German team with a score of 16: 9. It seemed that Overpass would turn the tide of the meeting. However, already at the start of the first half, it turned out that FaZe Clan was perfectly prepared for an opponent who could not do anything against motivation and pressure. As a result, the European team went far ahead, finally closing all questions after the won force-round in the attack - 16: 4.

In order for FaZe Clan to go to PGL Major Stockholm 2021, the team needs to wait for the results of the quarterfinals. In case Copenhagen Flames, ENCE, Fiend or Movistar Riders take 8th place, FaZe Clan will automatically go to the main championship of the fall.

In turn, BIG took 10th place at IEM Fall 2021 Europe, guaranteed to get into the Challengers stage. The 11th place was taken by the OG team, which in their match turned out to be stronger than Heroic with a score of 2: 0. However, this victory will not save the Aleksib team anyway, since OG will definitely miss PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

The fate of the Heroic team is interesting, which, as it seems, will soon make itself felt. In light of the ongoing proceedings by ESIC, the team risks not only getting a real ban, but also missing PGL Major Stockholm 2021.


IEM Fall 2021 Europe Interim Results