Investigation of charges against Heroic is at the final stage

ESIC said an investigation into the Heroic allegations is in the process of finalizing and preparing a report. Information on the progress of the investigation has been updated on the official website of the Commission.

"After a thorough examination of the information provided by ESIC and significant additional investigative activities, ESIC is in the process of finalizing its findings and preparing a report on this matter. Additional information will be published here after the completion of the investigation report," ESIC said.

Recall that in early September, HUNDEN submitted evidence to ESIC accusing niko and TeSeS of involvement in manipulating the coaching bug. The report points to two facts that put players in the category of accomplices when using the coaching bug in 2020. Later, ESIC officially opened an investigation, taking into account all the arguments and evidence.

In mid-September, Dexerto published documents confirming the existence of a non-disclosure agreement created by Heroic to silence its players about allegations of cheating or exploiting the infamous "coaching bug" for fifteen years. These documents indirectly confirmed the fact that the players and the organization knew, or could have guessed, that the bug was being used by their coach.