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Actual performance statistics of teams is always necessary for fans of betting in the discipline Dota 2. Matches between certain teams are carried out very easily but sometimes they are principle. Knowing all the performance statistics, the possibility of the favorite team Team Liquid to succeed can be determined more precisely.

Game statistics of Team Liquid in the last matches:

Victories in the recent 5 matches: 4 (80%).
Victories in the recent 10 matches: 7 (78%).

Team Liquid played 37 matches over the last 3 months and won 27 matches - 73%.
Over the past year, Team Liquid played 81 matches and achieved victory in 53 matches - 66%.

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The team Team Liquid played its previous match at the esports tournament The International 2022 on 30.10.2022. The team Team Secret was an opponent in the match.

In the above-mentioned match, the players from the team Team Secret appeared to be stronger who defeated the opponent with a score of 2:1.

Team Liquid demonstrated a solid play in the recent matches with a score of victories, which amounted 80% (won 4 matches out of 5).

Team Liquid is one of the most famous and successful multi-gamings in the world. The beginning of the club dates back to 2000 when the gamers representing the organization played StarCraft: Brood War. It started like a typical clan for playing first StarCraft but later Liquid grew into an organization that includes rosters for 14 esports disciplines.

Let us walk you through the history of the Dota 2 club.

First Appearance

Even though Liquid appeared at the beginning of noughties, the organization joined Dota much later. Liquid debuted at the second version of Dota. It happened in 2012, when the organization presented their American roster. Liquid’s Dota 2 gamers were:

  •         TC
  •         FLUFFNSTUFF
  •         ixmike88
  •         BuLba
  •         Korok

Then the American Dota stage was considered second-rate. The five players from Liquid had to prove it wrong.

Results of the American Roster Team Liquid

The gamers from Team Liquid showed worthy results at the regional level. In fact, they were the first team in North America that proved it at numerous championships that happened in 2012-2014. There was American Dota 2 League Season 1 where Liquid beat EG at the final, and also RaidCall Dota 2 League Season 2 where Liquid defeated Dignitas at the final.

The peak for the American Dota roster from Team Liquid was a performance at The International 2013. There the team sensationally beat LGD Gaming at the playoffs showing that the American Dota 2 stage is self-sufficient.

At The International 2013, Team Liquid took 7-8 place, however, the gamers’ ambitions were much higher. Starting from autumn 2013, Liquid went through numerous reshuffles. It was going on till The International 2014.

At TI 2014, Liquid, represented by TC, qojqva, DeMoN, waytosexy, and BuLba, took 9-10 place. This result finished the American roster Team Liquid.

Losing the gamers, the organization claimed that they were leaving the Dota 2 stage.

Team Liquid’s Return

After the failure at The International 2014, for almost a year Team Liquid did not have a Dota 2 roster. Obviously, the organization did not want to lose a chance to show themselves in the discipline which was extremely popular in those years. That’s why in October 2015 Team Liquid announced their return to the competitive stage when they signed a European roster.

Team Liquid signed 5jungz founded by the legendary KuroKy. The first European roster was represented by:

  •         KuroKy
  •         FATA-
  •         MinD_ContRoL
  •         JerAx
  •         MATUMBAMAN

This roster represented Team Liquid till the end of The International 2016. In this period the team managed to show themselves in a great way.

The most significant championships in 2016 for Team Liquid headed by KuroKy were Nanyang Dota 2 Championship where the team took fourth place, Dota 2 Champions League Season 6 where the team finished first, and The Defense Season 5 where the team took first place, and The Shanghai Major 2016 where the team won second place.

At the Shanghai Major, the team showed their competitiveness and positioned themselves as a strong team in the European region and at the international stage. Later the team cemented their position when they won BTS Europe #3 and EPICENTER 2016, and also took second place at ESL One Manila 2016 and The Manila Major 2016. But the most important challenge for the gamers was still ahead.

At The International 2016, Team Liquid came as one of the most important favourites. However, their fans and the whole esports community got surprised when KuroKy and the team were unable to climb higher than 7-8 position. This performance led to a lot of changes in the roster.

At the end of 2016, JerAx and FATA- left the team and their positions were taken by Miracle- and BuLba. At the beginning of 2017, BuLba also left the team and his place was taken by GH. In January 2017, there appeared Team Liquid’s gold roster that would bring the greatest success to the Dota 2 department of the organization in several months.

Championship at The International and One of the Best Teams in the World

The renewed roster of Team Liquid that was then represented by KuroKy, Miracle-, MATUMBAMAN, MinD_ControL, and GH, started playing with mastership from the very start. In February, the team won StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3, however, the gamers made a mistake at The Kiev Major 2017, taking 9-12 place there. In 2017, the performance in Kyiv was the last bad result for Liquid

In May 2017, the team won StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 2, after that the gamers took second place at DreamLeague Season 7 EU Division. In June, the team won EPICENTER 2017 and a month later, the players won DreamLeague Season 7.

The final challenge for Liquid was still waiting for the esportsmen. In August 2017, they started their performance at The International 2017. At the first match of the playoff, the team dropped to the lower bracket. The situation seemed to be hopeless but Liquid thought otherwise. Destroying their opponents at the lower bracket, on August 12, Liquid played Newbee at the grand final of TI7. In that match, Liquid left no chance to their opponents becoming the champions of The International.

The International 2018 and The International 2019

After The International 2017, Liquid kept on playing at a high level. The team was a constant guest at major tournaments and almost always showed good results.

For example, Team Liquid took 3-4 place at ESL One Hamburg 2017, second place at DreamLeague Season 8 and ESL One Genting 2018. In January-February 2018, Liquid took 3-4 place at ESL One Katowice 2018 and The Bucharest Major, respectively.

Later the team took 5-6 place at Dota 2 Asia Championship, second place at EPICENTER XL, and before The International 2018 the esportsmen won China Dota2 Supermajor.

The team demonstrated great results at The International 2018. KuroKy’s team took fourth place which was rare for the champions of the previous year. The tendency was kept at the next season too.

In 2019, Liquid had less worthy results. The team took 7-8 place at The Chongqing Major, 13-16 at DreamLeague Season 11 and second place at MDL Disneyland Paris Major. After that, surprisingly for lots of fans, MATUMBAMAN left the team and his position was given to w33. With w33, Liquid took second place at EPICENTER Major 2019 which made it possible for KuroKy and the team to make it to TI9 directly.

But at TI9, Liquid again surprised a lot of people: the fresh replacement helped the team to make it to the grand final of the tournament. However, at the final, OG left no chance to the gamers from Liquid.

This was the end of the gold roster of Team Liquid. All the gamers left the organization and their positions were occupied by former representatives of Alliance.

New Beginning

Even though it was hard for Liquid to achieve the previous top results, the new Liquid gamers showed worthy results. The roster was represented by:

  •         m`iCKe;
  •         qojqva;
  •         Boxi;
  •         Taiga;
  •         iNSaNiA.

In October 2019, the team took fourth place at DreamLeague Season 12, and later the gamers took 5-6 place at MDL Chengdu Major.

In January 2020, Liquid took 5-6 place at DreamLeague Season 13. When the world faced the pandemic, Liquid continued showing stable games online. 

The team managed to take second place at OGA Dota PIT 2020 Online: Europe/CIS and to win ESL One Germany 2020.

Organization and Awards

The CEO position in Liquid is taken by Nazgul Steve Arhanset, Blitz is the coach. Team Liquid works with numerous famous brands like Marvel, Alienware, Monster Energy, SAP, Honda, HyperX, Secretlab, Twitch, Jersey Mike’s, and Huya.

Since the moment of appearance, the Dota-2 roster has already brought 22,925,000 dollars of grabs to the organization.

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