iNSaNiA (Aydin Sarkohi) -

Original name: Aydin Sarkohi
Country: Sweden

Aydin «iNSaNiA» Sarkohi is a professional Dota 2 player, the representative of the Swedish school. Having started his career in 2016, iNSaNiA has already played in a few prestigious European organizations, having proved his validity as a player and a captain. We present to your attention iNSaNiA’s road to becoming an esportsman.

The beginning of the career

iNSaNiA had started the road to the big scene way before his arrival at a professional organization. Since early childhood, Aydin has been fond of video games, which consequently helped him to build a pretty successful career.

Team Doge was the first team for iNSaNiA. This was the roster, which consisted of the players from high-level publics. WIth Team Doge, iNSaNiA just played at a few championships, which included the tournament ProDotA Cup Europe #9 and the qualifiers for WESG 2016. iNSaNiA with the team lost both tournaments, after which they changed their name to SOLIDUDES.

There were no radical changes with SOLIDUDES. The player was still playing at small championships and leagues, demonstrating pretty mediocre results. He placed third at StarLadder ProSeries Season 16 and 9th-16th at Dota 2 Champions League Season 9. Despite the results can hardly be called successful, it helped iNSaNiA to get in his first organization.

Prodota Gaming was the first organization for iNSaNiA. However, cardinal changes did not happen again. With Prodota Gaming, iNSaNiA played all the same small tournaments. The loudest result of that period was the victory at The Kiev Major 2017: European Open Qualifier #1. It helped the player to move to the other more prestigious organization, Ninjas in Pyjamas.

iNSaNiA played for NiP only for two months. During this period, he managed to perform at a few championships but he failed to achieve victories.

iNSaNiA with teammates left NiP in June 2017. The club Tuho was the next team for the player. iNSaNiA was playing for Tuho from July to October 2017. This period was turning because iNSaNiA moved to Alliance after Tuho.


iNSaNiA became a player of Alliance in November 2017. The team spent the first year on training sessions and getting used to each other. The first result appeared in October 2018. Alliance won Reshuffle Madness then. However, the triumph was single and the team was not able to show good results for the next half a year. Alliance came back in 2019. The team placed 3rd at OGA Dota PIT Minor 2019 in April and held the 2nd place at StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 2 two months later.

The team held the 5th-6th place at EPICENTER Major 2019 in June 2019, which allowed the team to make it to The International 2019 directly. It has become the first championship of this scale for iNSaNiA. It is not surprising that the tournament was over almost immediately for the player. Alliance placed 13th-16th, having lost in the first round of the lower bracket. However, it did not stop Team Liquid from signing iNSaNiA and the full roster of ex-Alliance.

Team Liquid and personal achievements

iNSaNiA became a player of Team Liquid in October 2019. This time, they did not have to create synergy for long because Liquid had signed the full roster of Alliance. The first results appeared very soon.

The team held the 5th-6th place at MDL Chengdu Major in November and the 5th-6th place at DreamLeague Season 13 two months later. With esports going online, the team continued playing on a decent level in the European region.

The team placed 3rd at WePlay! Pushka League S1: Division 1 and also 2nd at OGA Dota PIT 2020 Online: Europe/CIS.

iNSaNiA has already earned more than 229,000 dollars of prize money in his career.