OMEGA League Title Division Upper Bracket Finalists OG and Secret

At OM EG A League: Europe Immortal Division, another playoff day has ended. The teams from the top of the championship bracket played their matches, and we are ready to share the results of the meetings with you.

Results of the second gaming day of OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division

There were 2 matches at Immortal Division on September 3. OG, Nigma, Secret and EG held their meetings. All matches ended 2-0 with a clear lead by one of the teams.

In the first match of the day, OG left no chances for Nigma, and in the second, Secret “moved” EG. In the final of the upper bracket, we will face a confrontation between N0tail and Puppey, and this simply cannot be missed.


Along with the Immortal division, the younger Divine division continues. There is also the playoffs.

Results of the fifth gaming day of OMEGA League: Europe Divine Division

Two matches were played in the divine league. 5men fought FlyToMoon and NaVi fought Cyber Legacy.

In the final of the upper bracket between 5men and FlyToMoon, the Europeans were stronger. Team Misery won 2-1 and advanced to the grand final of the championship.

In a knockout match between two CIS teams, NaVi and Cyber Legacy, the latter won. Cyber Legacy dealt with Born to Win 2-0. NaVi left the tournament in 5th-6th place and earned $ 3,500 in prize money.