OMEGA League Europe Divine Division: group stage results

Based on the results of the past matches in Group B, the top three teams were determined, which will reach the playoffs. The lucky ones included HellRaisers, Team Unique and Cyberium Seed. B8 Esports, Team Empire and 5Comrades finished their way in the tournament.

In Group A, not everything is so simple. Now we know for sure that Cyber Legacy and Omegalil have made the playoffs. Cyber Legacy, like HellRaisers from Group B, advanced to the upper bracket, but Omegalil will have to start from the lower bracket. TEMPO, Khan and EXTREMUM each have 2-3, and therefore replays will be implemented for them, which should take place tomorrow.


The OMEGA League Europe Divine Division is a $ 50,000 tournament that runs from August 10th to September 5th. There were teams that could not make it to the Immortal League with a prize pool of half a million dollars.