OMEGA League Europe Divine Division: NAVI finished participation in tournament

The last match for Natus Vincere was played against Cyber Legacy. "Born to Win" could not beat their opponents on any map and were defeated with a score of 0-2. The team took 5-6 place in the standings and received a consolation prize of $ 3,500.

Cyber Legacy, in turn, made it to the semifinals of the lower bracket, where they are already awaiting NiP, who beat Khan in the last round.

Let us remind you that FlyToMoon and 5men will fight in the next match. The teams will play in the final of the upper bracket for reaching the grand final.


OMEGA League Europe Divine Division runs from August 10 to September 5. The total prize fund of the championship is $ 50,000, and 16 teams take part in it. The main cash prize is $ 10,000.