WESG 2018: the information about a format, a seeding, and a schedule was revealed

The LAN final of WESG 2018 will be hosted on March 11-17. 31 teams from all over the world will take part in it. 32 teams had to come initially but Isurus Gaming will not be able to visit the event due to visa issues. The general prize pool amounts $890,000 and the main money prize is $500,000.

All participants have been divided into eight groups with four teams in each where they will play bo2 matches by a Round Robin system. The top two teams from each group will make it to the playoffs. Teams will play in a Single Elimination bracket in the final stage and all matches will be hosted in a bo3 format.

The distribution of participants by groups:

Group A

Ninjas in Pyjamas
G2 Esports
Team Singularity

Group B

NASR eSports
Denial Esports
OpTic Gaming

Group C

AGO Gaming
Isurus Gaming (снялись с турнира)

Group D

Furious Gaming

Group E

ENCE eSports
Movistar Riders

Group F

Imperial e-Sports
Panda Gaming
Team Russia
Ghost Gaming

Group G

5Power Gaming
Big Time Regal.Hong Kong
TNC Pro Team


Group H

Viva Algeria
Chiefs eSports Club

The schedule of the championship (UTC +0):

March 13

04:00 — Round of 16
04:00 — Round of 16
07:15 — Round of 16
07:15 — Round of 16
10:30 — Round of 16
10:30 — Round of 16
13:45 — Round of 16
13:45 — Round of 16

March 14

05:00 — quarterfinal
05:00 — quarterfinal
08:00 — quarterfinal
08:00 — quarterfinal
11:00 — quarterfinal
11:00 — quarterfinal
14:00 — quarterfinal
14:00 — quarterfinal

March 16

07:45 — semi-final
11:45 — semi-final

March 17

08:00 — 3rd place match
11:45 — grand-final