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Statistical indicators of OpTic Gaming:

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The number of matches, which were played by OpTic Gaming in the past 3 months - . Also, the number of won matches - , which amounted .
The number of matches, which were played by OpTic Gaming in the past year - . Also, the number of won matches - , which amounted .

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In the last matches, OpTic Gaming were showing an unstable play with the general winrate of % ( victory(victories) out of 5).

OpTic Gaming is an American esports organization. First of all, the club is famous for its Call of Duty squad, however, the honor of the organization was protected by the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 rosters later.

Today, we will talk about the CSGO branch.

The first appearance

For the first time, OpTic made its debut in CSGO in January 2016. Then, the organization signed the roster of ex-Conquest, which included:

  • ShahZaM
  • Daps
  • RUSH
  • NAF
  • stanislaw

The recently-created OpTic joined the battle almost right after the signing. The results did not take long to appear.

The first season and regular instability

ELEAGUE Road to Vegas was the first tournament for the newly-founded team, at which OpTic demonstrated a nice play and became the champions of the competition as a result.

Then, there was the performance at Americas Minor Championship – Columbus 2016, MLG Columbus 2016 – Americas Last Chance Qualifier, and IEM Season X WC – North America. All these performances were over for OpTic with the 3rd-4th place.

At the end of February, OpTic held the 5th-8th place in the qualifiers to DreamHack Masters Malmo 2016 and qualified to CEVO Gfinity Pro-League Season 9 in March.

Big performances began in April. Then, the team placed 3rd at ESL Pro League Season 3 – North America. The result was not bad, however, it led to a roster change: ShahZaM left the team and his spot was taken by mixwell. With the new player, OpTic held the 5th-6th place at CEVO Pro League Season 9 and ESL Pro League Season 3 – Finals. OpTic won Americas Minor Championship – Cologne 2016 later, which allowed them to perform at the organization’s first Major tournament.

The team held the 13th-16th place at the tournament, which was a total failure and caused a row of replacements inside the team.

Stanislaw was the first to leave the team, he was replaced by tarik. Later, Devilwalk who was training the team for a bit more than two months left the position of the main coach.

After the failure in Cologne, the team managed to focus on the upcoming championships. The team placed 3rd-4th at CyberPowerPC Summer 2016 Pro Series, 2nd at iBUYPOWER Invitational 2016 – Fall, 4th at ESL Pro League Season 4 – North America.

Despite a row of successful performances, the atmosphere inside the team left much more to be desired. It caused the departure of daps from the team in September. However, it did not stop OpTic from finishing the season on a high note: the team prevailed at Northern Arena 2016 – Montreal and won ELEAGUE SEASON 2. Also, OpTic managed to hold the 2nd place at Esports Championship Series Season 2 – Finals.

However, the big start did not save the team from the failed start of the season 2017.

The season of 2017

The beginning of 2017 was truly awful for OpTic. The team held the 12th-14th place at ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017, the 9th-12th place at DreamHack Masters Las Vegas 2017, the 11th-12th place at Intel Extreme Masters XI – World Championship. It was obvious that a row of these bad performances led to a row of changes.

Initially, stanislaw parted ways with the team, his spot was taken by jasonR and later, jasonR was replaced on hazed. OpTic was trying to stabilize the play till August 2017, however, the victory at not the most prestigious tournament CyberPowerPC Extreme Gaming Series – Spring 2017 Invitational was the best result during that period.

RUSH and tarik left the team in August. The departure of the key players made the organization make drastic changes. The club management decided to sign the full European roster in August 2017. The new roster included:

  • friberg
  • allu
  • magisk
  • mixwell
  • HS

By the end of the year, OpTic placed 3rd at Europe Minor Championship – Boston 2018, prevailed at ESL Pro League Season 6 – North America, held the 3rd-4th place at iBUYPOWER Masters 2017 and the 2nd place at Esports Championship Series Season 4 – North America. Also, they played at a few tournaments, at which OpTic placed 5th-6th: we are talking about Intel Extreme Masters XII – Oakland, ESL Pro League Season 6 – Finals, and Esports Championship Series Season 4 – Finals.

The season of 2018

OpTic was actively experimenting with its roster in the future years, taking part in various championships. However, they were not able to achieve special heights.

2018 started with attempts to qualify to big tournaments such as DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 and Intel Extreme Masters XIII. OpTic placed 2nd and 3rd-4th at the qualifying tournaments, respectively. After that, mixwell and magisk left the team who joined the squad at the end of 2017.

After the departure of the key players, OpTic signed a new roster again. This time, the team was joined by the old and new players: stanislaw, ShahZaM, k0nfig, cajunb, and gade.

With this roster, the team placed 3rd at ESL Pro League Season 7 – North America, which was one of the best performances that year. However, it did not help to save the roster.

Stanislaw and ShahZaM parted ways with the team in April and their slots were taken by Snappi and JUGI. Efforts to make it to the top continued.

The updated roster of OpTic held the 2nd place at DreamHack Open Summer 2018 and also managed to make it to the final of Europe Minor Championship – London 2018.

OpTic placed 9th-12th at DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018 before the Major tournament. The Major itself was a catastrophe for OpTic: the team demonstrated a very weak play, which led to the 17th-19th place in the general standings.

After the failure, there was another roster change: gade left and niko joined the squad. The replacement made its impact on the results, which improved for some time.

The team held the 3rd-4th place at StarSeries & i-League CS:GO Season 6, the 2nd place at GG.BET Shuffle and cs_summit 3 till the end of the year. Also, the team achieved victory at ESL Pro League Season 8 – Europe: Relegation and advanced to Europe Minor Championship – Katowice 2019.

The season of 2019 or the decline of OpTic

OpTic began the season 2019 with the renewed Danish roster. It included k0nfig, cajunb, Snappi, JUGi, refresh.

However, the team faced failure almost immediately. The team placed 7th-8th at the European Minor, which left it without an opportunity to advance to The Major 2019 in Katowice.

The slow decline of OpTic began in March. Cajunb was the first to leave the team, his place was taken by MSL. JUGi parted ways a bit later. The third one to depart was Snappi, after which cajunb returned to the team.

Reshuffles, replacements, and failed performances caused the purchase of OpTic by Immortals Gaming Club.

The organization and rewards

Hector Rodriguez and Ryan Musselman are the founders of OpTic. The first one also held the position of the CEO.

GameStop was the sponsor of OpTic.

During the existence of the team, the CSGO rosters have brought more than 1,300,000 dollars for the organization.

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