Tips for the semifinal of the lower bracket of losers of Xl

The results of the first quarterfinal of the losers bracket of the tournament was quite predictable, though the team OG Dota 2 did the pick in a great way, the great number of their mistakes gave a chance to the team FlyToMoon and the guys from the CIS used it and got the win.

At the second quarterfinal of the lower bracket of the tournament, Virtus Pro started the match pretty bad and it was clear that they had a little chance to win, but Mineski made one mistake and were punished. Virtus Pro won the battle. Their captain’s great game should be marked especially.

As for the match of the semifinal of the losers’ bracket, the match will be held in the bo3 format. FlyToMoon need to do their best to win the match. Virtus Pro may just use their authority as both of the teams are from the CIS. As for me, FlyToMoon appeal to me, even though I think that each of the teams can win the match. If we take into account the whole tournament, the team FlyToMoon deserved to get to the final of the losers’ bracket more, as they have grown up a lot. And I think they can get the win this match. 2-1 for FlyToMoon.