The predictions for the playoffs of China Dota 2 Supermajor on 6.06.2018

The tournament is held without great sensations, Team Spirit was eliminated from the tournament due to the fact that they had ruined the game on the last map when had gone to the opponent’s ancient and died. Infamous was not able to show something during the whole tournament and was eliminated from the tournament without winning a map for a reason. Natus Vincere had a very weak start of the tournament, it’s clear that there is no teamwork in the team, they had chances to prevail over Vici Gaming but they were nervous and the absence of a good captain made its impact. Also, The Final Tribe showed nothing and lost to the team VGJ.Thunder without a chance.


Let’s begin to preview matches.


The match between OpTic Gaming and Evil Geniuses, bookmakers’ odds for the match start from 1.45 for OpTic Gaming and 2.7 for Evil Geniuses.


OpTic Gaming looks very good and stable now, Evil Geniuses, in turn, has recently changed the roster and plays not very good.


The author’s general impression about OpTic Gaming: The team held the second place in the previous Major, the team plays on its level at the moment, an advancement to The International in the case if they reach the top 4 and outrun VGJ.Thunder is a plus to their motivation to achieve a good result in this tournament.


The author’s general impression about Evil Geniuses: The team is obviously not ready for such tournament now as a very little time has passed since the change of the roster, the team has already had to leave the tournament but their opponents’ mistake allowed them to continue participating in the tournament.


I think that OpTic Gaming is an obvious favorite as they are more prepared now and the fact that they always practice with Evil Geniuses is a plus for them and they know their pros and cons but this gives a chance to Evil Geniuses too. Evil Geniuses will win one map as their maximum but if Sumail shows us a miracle on the middle, there will be a chance that they will even beat their opponents. There will be OpTic Gaming’s victory in another case.


The match between TNC Pro Team and VGJ.Storm, bookmakers’ odds for the match start from 1.9 for TNC Pro Team and 1.9 for VGJ.Storm.


TNC Pro Team showed a great performance in the group but they were not able to focus on the upper bracket and lost to Team Liquid. VGJ.Storm also play on the level of their opponents and has been showing a good result since the start of the tournament.


The author’s general impression about TNC Pro Team: I very like this team, it knows how to play aggressively and how to get used to a long match, I would like them to advance further.


The author’s general impression about VGJ.Storm: The team has started playing much better after the joining of Resolution but I don’t believe that they will go further but it’s just my opinion.


It will be a very interesting match, the teams are almost equal in terms of skills, I think that all three maps will be played in this match, however, it’s not clear who will be a winner. As for me, TNC Pro team will have to achieve victory in the match with a score of 2-1 but the result may be in the favor of VGJ.Storm too.


The match between Mineski and Vici Gaming, bookmakers’ odds for the match start from 1.4 for Mineski and 2.8 for Vici Gaming.


Mineski plays on its level as always but they play in this tournament even better than in previous ones, the team lacked only a bit to beat the favorites of the tournament in the face of PSG.LGD. Vici Gaming looks very weak, the team had to be eliminated from the tournament but Natus Vincere gave them a victory.


The author’s general impression about Mineski: I don’t even know what to say, the team plays as good as it has played in previous tournaments, there is nothing new.


The author’s general impression about Vici Gaming: The team has a very weak play, despite the fact that the roster is strong enough, they are not on the level of top teams, I think this match will finish their participation in the tournament.


Mineski is an obvious favorite there, it has an advantage over its opponents in all terms, I think Vici Gaming will not be able to win even one map. It will be Mineski’s easy victory if they don’t start experimenting and creating something useless.


The match between NewBee and VGJ.Thunder, bookmakers’ odds for the match start from 1.6 for NewBee and 2.3 for VGJ.Thunder.


Finally, NewBee started showing a good game after a long time. VGJ.Thunder plays in full force now as the fate of their invitation to The International depends on their result in this tournament.


The author’s general impression about NewBee: The team has finally gained a good shape but I think they will lose the match. Why? Read at the end of the prediction for the match.


The author’s general impression about VGJ.Thunder: The team shows a good game in this tournament, the team meets the expectations of all fans and will have to continue participating in the tournament.


Both teams are from the Chinese region, NewBee has already received an invitation to The International, unlike VGJ.Thunder, everything will determine in this match for them, so NewBee will have to let their fellows go further only due to the solidarity. So it’s worth to bet on VGJ.Thunder’s victory in a series in this match as odds are pretty good.