Results of the recently finished matches of ESL Pro League Season 9

In the European division, Group С is about to get over. Unexpectedly, Natus Vincere lost against G2 Esports by the score of 2:1. The representatives of Fnatic and Windigo met at the parallel match and there the Swedish turned out to be stronger leaving their opponents without any chance to get to the second round.

At the North American division, everything went as it had been expected and MiBR with Cloud9 won over their opponents Team Envy and Luminosity Gaming. The Brazilian roster ended up the meeting by the score of 2:0, while autimatic and the team solved their problems on the third map.

The last region playing on 20 April was the Asian and there стал TyLoo and MVP PK made it to the second round thanks to the wins over Vici Gaming and 5Power Gaming correspondingly. At the next round the representatives of ALPHA Red and Lucid Dream are already expecting for them.