Preview of WESG 2018

The LAN final of World Electronic Sports Games 2018 will be held on 11-17 March. There the contestants will be fighting for a prize pool $890,000, and the winner will get $500,000 as the main money prize.

We will examine each of the groups and tell you who has higher odds to get to the playoff and to get to Eight Best. We should mark the fact that only eight collectives will divide the prize money having made it to the quarterfinal.

Group А

Preview of WESG 2018. Photo 1

Ninjas in Pyjamas, G2 Esports, Revolution and Team Singularity

As for this group, the main favorites here are Ninjas in Pyjamas and G2 Esports, as these collectives have a big experience in participating in world-level tournaments. As for Revolution and Team Singularity, these teams are too weak to compete with NiP and G2. The Swedish and the French are one of not so many teams that will participate in WESG 2018.

Group B

Preview of WESG 2018. Photo 2

Valiance, NASR eSports, Denial eSports and OpTic Gaming

The favorites of these four contestants are Valiance and OpTic Gaming. The players from Valiance showed that they were the strongest team in Serbia long time ago, whereas OpTic Gaming is one one the best teams in Denmark that can’t be opposed by any of these participants properly except Valiance.

Group C

Preview of WESG 2018. Photo 3

MIBR, AGO Gaming, k23 and Isurus Gaming

MIBR and AGO Gaming automatically pass to the playoff as k23 and Isurus Gaming pulled out of the tournament. k23 didn’t explain the reason while Isurus had insuperable difficulties getting visa to China.

Group D

Preview of WESG 2018. Photo 4

Furious Gaming, FrostFire, Absolute and MVP PK

The Korean team MVP PK pulled out of the tournament by their personal reasons. Due to that, only one team will leave Group D out of all the representatives of Group D after the initial stage. In our opinion it will be FrostFire, as there are not so many famous representatives of Argentina and Furious is one of them and Absolute is the best team in Japan and alongside the only CS:GO roster from the Land of the Rising Sun that has visited international championship for many times.

Group E

Preview of WESG 2018. Photo 5

Fnatic, Windigo Gaming, Movistar Riders and ENCE eSports

ENCE eSports were the main favorite of the group, but later the team reported that it pulled out of the competition. Now Fnatic is the main favorite, while Windigo Gaming and Movistar Riders had a good chance to get to the playoff.

Group F

Preview of WESG 2018. Photo 6

Imperial e-Sports, Panda Gaming, Team Russia and WARDELL N FRIENDS

As for this group, WARDELL N FRIENDS and Imperial e-Sports look more promising than their opponents. Team Russia has a good chance as well, but they will have to do their best to get to the final stage. Panda Gaming are outsiders. By the way, Panda is a former roster of CyberZen, that hadn’t had any good results.

Group G

Preview of WESG 2018. Photo 7

5Power Gaming, ENZO, Team1 and TNC Pro Team

In our opinion, the favorite of this group (even though not clear) could be Team1. The Ukrainian team is represented by experienced esportsmen and the players can perform at the group stage well and make it to the playoff. The other rosters have equals odds.

Group H

Preview of WESG 2018. Photo 8

Viva Algeria, Altima, ALPHA Red and Chiefs eSports Club

Chiefs eSports Club are favourites of Group H for sure. This Australian team has made themselves known for many times. Now they are to fight with the Algerian, Taiwanese and Mexican teams for a pass to the playoff.

Victory favorites at WESG 2018

Preview of WESG 2018. Photo 9

If we speak more globally, the first team that is eligible for the victory at WESG 2018 is MIBR. Now the Brazilians hold the fifth place in the list of the best CS:GO teams according to HLTV. At the last Major tournament MIBR managed to make it to the semifinal. Also we could see such teams Fnatic, Ninjas in Pyjamas and G2 Esports among favorites for sure. Despite their failed performance (apart from NiP, that got to Top 8) at the Major championship, the collectives are world-renowned and are represented by the best players of their countries, which make them contenders for victory at WESG 2018. OpTic Gaming and Team Russia also have a good chance to show themselves at the Chinese championship, but their perspectives are fading away in contrast to the mentioned favorites of WESG.