CS:GO IEM Sydney Predictions

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Let’s check out the odds for the upcoming IEM event in Sydney.

Intel Extreme Masters: Sydney

The odds are out on who will win it all in Australia and you might be surprised (or maybe not) to see Team Liquid as the top team.

Team Liquid is the odds-on favorite to hoist the trophy, even though they just got walloped by Faze Clan in the Blast Pro Series in Miami. It’s actually quite interesting when you think about it. Liquid has come in second more than any other team … almost like they have made it a practice to come up just a tad short. Let’s count ‘em up. They took second in the Blast Pro Miami and in Sau Paulo. Then in 2018, they stood one notch down on the podium seven times. Wait, say that again … 7 times!

So the question is … why should we expect anything to change in Sydney?

Well, we can’t count them out because they are the best team in North America, and they always seem to make their way to the finals … but no matter how well they play they tend to choke when it counts the most.

FaZe is looking to repeat at Sydney. You have to think that they are uber-motivated to get back-to-back IEM wins in Australia. But they have been a little out of sorts lately. Yes, they beat Liquid in Miami, but their only consistent player of late has been NiKo. The rest of the team is going to have to show up in full force in Australia if they want to get past, not only Liquid but mousesports and NRG in the upcoming Group Stage.

NRG eSports is looking like they could be a darkhorse to get’em done in Sydney. Fugly is out and they are a much-improved team with the addition of Tarik to the roster. Renegade also has a good shot at shaking up this tournament.

The first round of the Group Stage will see these matchups:

Initial Predictions

Faze moves on over the Chiefs. NRG will absolutely smoke ViCi. EUNited will put up a decent fight, but NIP will get the better of them and move on. Mousesports will get past big, but not without some effort. And Team Liquid will trounce B.o.o.t.

For the tournament winner, the best approach is to take FaZe Clan hedged with Team Liquid. A $100 bet on FaZe would yield a $450 dollar profit if they win, and a $100 on Liquid will yield a $400 profit. So splitting the difference between the two, if FaZe wins, you lose the money on Liquid but still finish $350 ahead. If Liquid wins you lose on FaZe but end up with $300. The only real risk is if both of those teams bomb and a team like Mouz takes the victory lap.