OMEGA League: events digest

The OMEGA League is in full swing. The first matches of the Immortal Division have begun in Europe, and the Divine Division group stage is coming to an end in Asia. We bring to your attention the results of the past meetings.

OMEGA League Asia Divine Division

Two matches were played in Asia. The meetings were held by Aster.Aries, DeMonster, Cignal Ultra and 496.

In the first match, Aster.Aries won 2-0. Aster take the unconditional first place in group B, and DM are on the 3rd position.

In the second match between 496 and Cignal Ultra, the Chinese team won. 496 finished the group stage unbeaten and are ranked # 1 in Group A.


OMEGA League Europe Immortal Division

3 matches have been played in Europe. Na'Vi, 5men, OG,, Alliance and Virtus.Pro held their first meetings.

The tournament was opened by a pair of Na'Vi against 5men. The CIS team failed to beat the Misery team. 2-1 in favor of 5men.

The second match was played by OG and The two-time champions beat their opponents 2-0.

Alliance and VP finished the day. The European team won 2-0.


OMEGA League matches will return tomorrow. Asia will play the last day of the group stage, with NiP, EG and Nigma joining the fight in the European division.