OMEGA League: Divine Division Morning Digest

While there is a break at OMEGA League: Europe Immortal Division, hot Dota 2 does not even think about ending. The confrontation continues in the second European division, as well as in America. Here's how things are going on Divine Division.

OMEGA League: Europe Divine Division

On August 24, 4 matches were played in the second European echelon. Voldemort faced TEMPO, Extremum played Cyber Legacy, and Team Unique played against B8.

All matches ended 2-0. In the first match, Voldemort outplayed TEMPO, in the second match, Cyber Legacy turned out to be stronger, and in the third, Team Unique won.


OMEGA League: Americas Divine Divison

Two matches were played in the American Divine Division. Infamous faced Brasil and Pace faced Boonz + Goonz. As in Europe, both matches ended 2-0.

The first game of the day was won by Infamous. In the second confrontation, Boonz + Goonz became the winners.