OMEGA League Divine Division: events digest

OMEGA League Divine Division is coming to an end. Teams from the European region played their last matches today. In the Asian region, we will have two more game days. We present to your attention the results of the meetings.

OMEGA League: Asia Divine Division

Today has brought only one meeting, instead of the standard two. Neon Esports outplayed their opponents from Execration 2-0. Also today it became known that the LING ER team was suspended from playing in the championship due to participation in a fake match.


OMEGA League: Europe Divine Division

In the European division, there were no adventures. All 3 matches were played. In the TEMPO vs. Omegalil pair, the 2-1 win was won by the second. Cyberium Seed defeated 5Comrades, while Khan and Cyber Legacy completed a combat draw.


The group stage is over in the European division. Asia will continue tomorrow, at 10:20 Moscow time.