The review of DPL-CDA Professional League Season 2

The biggest Dota 2 championship of the year for the Chinese teams has come to an end - DPL-CDA Professional League Season 2. Totally, 10 teams took part in the competition, they were fighting for the prize pool of $185,000 and the representatives of EHOME have become the winners.

The distribution of the prize pool:

1st place: EHOME - $85,507
2nd place: IG - $37,053
3rd place: Team Aster - $18,527
4th place: PSG.LGD - $14,251
5th-6th place: CDEC - $9,263
5th-6th place: Vici Gaming - $9,263
7th-8th place: Sparking Arrow Gaming - $4,275
7th-8th place: Royal Never Give Up - $4,275
9th-10th place: Sirius - $1,425
9th-10th place: IG Vitality - $1,425

The results of the championship

The teams, which have managed to surprise:

EHOME, which became the champions as a result, performed very well at the tournament. The guys started the group stage pretty unconfidently and they were one step away from being eliminated but they focused on the playoffs and looked way stronger than their opponents there. Faith_bian and the company were using unpopular heroes in their strategies frequently and it guaranteed the result.

Team Aster can definitely be called the main surprise of the tournament because the roster has performed pretty mediocre recently and reached the fourth place rarely. At DPL-CDA Professional League Season 2, the roster began playing well in the group stage, they finished it placing third and defeated SAG and Vici Gaming in the playoffs, which brought them the honored third place on the outcome of the whole event.

The teams, which have disappointed:

The representatives of Vici Gaming, which have held the 5th-6th place, will be the first ones on the list. The team came to the event as one of the favorites because the team had previously performed very well in the international arena. The guys started playing worse with the arrival of online championships, however, they often entered the top three but not this time. Ori and the company spent the group stage nicely, having placed first in the group, but they lost to Team Aster and PSG.LGD in the playoffs and we're eliminated from the championship.

The rosters of the organizations SAG and RNGU have also become the disappointment. The teams swapped players not that long time ago and this definitely made a negative impact on their gaming level. The guys were in the middle of the standings in the group stage and they lost both matches in the playoffs.

The teams, which have performed as expected:

The rest of the participants played pretty expectedly: Sirius and IG.Vitality did not place higher than 9th-10th, PDF.LGD entered the top four and CDEC ruined the few teams' plans I'm the group stage but they lacked a bit in the playoffs.

Invictus Gaming can be noticed separately because the roster is pretty strong but it performs with an unstable success. The team's game plan is hard to understand and the guys always are on the brink of elimination, however, they reached the grand final. In the same way, the guys advanced to the final of China Dota2 Professional League Season 2 and ESL One Birmingham 2020 - Online: China.