Participants of the finals were determined in ECS Season 7 Week 5

It's worth to remind that Fnatic beat AVANGAR with a score 2-1 in the semi-final of the European division and OpTic Gaming prevailed over FaZe Clan. MiBR coped with Cloud9 without problems in the North American region, while INTZ eSports was not able to resist to Team Liquid, having lost to the last two teams.

In the final of Esports Championship Series Season 7 Europe, Fnatic will compete with OpTic Gaming, which will determine a team, which will receive the fourth invite to ECS #7 Finals. If Fnatic achieves victory, its total winnings in the season will amount $17,750, just like Ninjas in Pyjamas’ earnings. In such a way, NiP will go to the LAN final. If OpTic Gaming wins, their total earnings will amount $22,000, due to which they will place first in the standings and go to Esports Championship Series Season 7 Finals.


With regard to the North American region, it's way easier there. One who wins will go to ECS#7 Finals. MiBR has $17,000 on its score and if they earn $12,000, they will become the leader of the standings, having $29,000 on their score. If Liquid wins, having $10,750 on its score, they will head the standings with a score $22,750, leaving MiBR behind with a total earnings in the sum of $22,000.


Esports Championship Series Season 7 started on March 11 and will end today. FACEIT decided to experiment with the system of the leagues in Europe and North America, having divided it in five series. The winners of the first three weeks received invitations. The fourth invite was up for grabs for the rest of the teams. The participant to earn the biggest number of money and points will become the fourth representative of its division in ECS Season 7 Finals.

ECS #7 Finals will take place in London on June 6-9. SSE Arena will he a venue for the tournament and the overall prize pool will amount $500,000. It's worth to notice that these LAN final's grabs will be the least in the history of Esports Championship Series. The prize pool of the first ECS season was $765,000 and the prize pool of the 2nd-6th seasons amounted $660,000.