DreamHack Masters Spring 2021: NaVi got Virtus.Pro as rivals

In the 4th match of Group A, not without problems, but quite confidently Virtus.Pro outplayed FaZe on the Train map. The first half of the map was confidently closed by Virtus.Pro on the defensive side with a score of 6-9. After the side switching, FaZe won the pistol round and the force buy. However, VP managed to outplay the opponent in the next 6 rounds and brought the score to 8-15. The opponent's mapppoint made FaZe sober up and the players made a good comeback in the next 5 rounds, reducing the score to 13-15. However, the 29th round was the last - VP pulled themselves together and finished the match with a score of 13-16.

In the next round, VP will play against NaVi, who have outplayed Moussports.